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Ex boyfriend blocked me Sunday and he NEVER blocked me before and what's strange is yesterday before he blocked me I was on a singles site where I also met him a while back and a guy messaged me but it awfully seemed like my ex with same age and height. He asked to ask then sent his phone to text I said I couldn’t already move on to texting, 30 minutes after I wrote that at 9:30 am my ex blocked me on viber at 10 am and I know because his online status was no longer visible. When I tried calling the number the "dating site guy" gave to check if it was legit, i found it was one of those made up free numbers from an app. 1 year we were broken up he never tried to block me, constantly stares at me in church etc

Does it sound like it was my ex boyfriend trying to catfish me? My ex would also use apps like textfree to get a number form and text me. Why did he block me? Apparently I hurt him and I tried going back and he complained how I hurt him so he expected me to keep trying? I asked earlier December to meet and he couldn't because he had to take his dad the alterations... Does this mean despite this he still had feelings and hopes to get back together? What would make him block me? Why would he block when I tried going back to him and last time we spoke he was very cordial and said thanks for checking up on me, even though he didn't come meet he asked how school was but didn't suggest another date to meet. he could've blocked me right then and there but to randomly do it and on that day specifically I'm baffled as to what's going on? 

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There is nothing random sbout blocking, it's a deliberate act that takes at least two steps.

He is your EX, why do you care, move on before everybody blocks you 

Peace through peace.

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