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Christmas decorations still up? 

    I still have lights up.  Nothing has been put away, but I do celebrate Three Kings Day which is up till the 6th of Jan. I've overdone it a bit. 


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We left for Florida on January 4, so we had to have them all down and put away before we left.  We started taking them down on the day after Christmas.  Left to my own devices, I like to keep them up through January 7, which is Orthodox Christmas.

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I follow my Mom's tradition, Three Kings Day, so I leave mine up awhile after the 6th.  I remember her telling me when she was a little girl and looking for the freshest grass in the pastures to leave in her shoes for the camels. 

   Hope you had a nice trip!


We're still traveling!  :=)

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Mine were down and stored by the 5th, it's usually sooner but I couldn't be bothered. It's as much hard work taking them down as putting them up.

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I don't put any up. None to take down. Barr Humbug.

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I never put any up this year.  Before Christmas, my right foot was still bandaged up from surgery, so was hesitant to get up on ladder to take the decorations down and then get on step-stools to put them up. So I just didn't do it. It made me kinda sad to not have any decor up, since I really love Christmas. 

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Well I don't blame you for not decorating with your foot that way!  I like Christmas too, but not the spending I do. I try not to,  but I always add a bit here and there. 


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Most stuff is down.  But just since yesterday.  Outside lights are still up.  Maybe down tomarrow.

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I didn't put up much myself because I know it will be harder to take down. So I cheated a bit with just some lights, a small decorative tree that just sits on a table, and my indoor decorations. 

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Ours were all put away on 1 January, same as every other year

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Nope. I pack everything up December 26th. I do still have extra wrapping paper and the like to put away because I need more boxes but the decorations are away.

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