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US Democrats Castro and Gabbard make bids for presidency


Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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I don't care, No one will be as bad as Trump.  I hope that instead of insisting these guys show their tax returns, they insist on a mental health assessment.

Instead of pee pee tapes they ask for educational certificates. Got a degree? Show me..

I swear, if there is to be another leader of the free world they need to ensure the candidate is on planet earth. Our world not his anus.

In fact forget a degree, just ensure they went to school. A reading test is mandatory 

Peace through peace.

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There will probably be 100 Democrats running, but only 1 will win the nomination. I have to do a little reading up on some of these people to find out what their stance is on the issues.  From what I've read up to now. Castro seems like a good guy, and Kamala Harris from California is interesting, although she had an affair with a married man years ago, and while it's OK for Trump to sexually assault women, conservatives would go ape-shit over a woman who has been around the block a few times. 

I wish Jackie Speier from California would run. She's been around a long time so she knows how  to play "the game" and she's really smart. 

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JPT those who I would like to see run, however they will not.  Kamala is an interesting individual, however she does not stand a chance.  The real key is who the Republicans choose - I do hope Trump is one and done

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