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If a guy pays for your lunch I know it’s a nice thing to do but he likes you right?

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Maybe.  Maybe he felt trapped into it.  Maybe he just wanted to be a nice guy.  Maybe he thought it was the polite thing to do.

Or maybe he enjoyed your company.

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Or he was happy to see me bc he’s depressed so he did it who knows...


Unfortunately, who knows....

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Not necessarily. For instance, I am old fashioned guy and always pay. But I don't like them. It's just a good gesture.

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If he HATED you, he wouldn't have had lunch with you.

What were the circumstances of your having lunch with him?  (1) Did he ask you to go to lunch with him? (2) Did you see him at the lunch room or restaurant and say hello, and then you ended up having lunch together? (3) Or were you eating lunch already, he saw you, and asked if he could join you?  (4) Did you ask HIM to lunch?  Your answer to these questions will change the answers to you.

(1) He asked you to go to lunch with him because he enjoys your company.  It doesn't mean he's ready to become exclusive with you in a long-term relationship. It means he enjoys your company and wanted to spend some "casual" time with you.  Had he wanted a more formal time with a bit more meaning to it, he would have asked you to join him for dinner.

(2) It was an accidental meeting, more or less, and he was being polite.  Don't read too much into his asking you to join him.  After you said hello to him, it would have been rude of him to have ignored you.  Once you joined him, it was standard courtesy on his part to offer to pay for lunch. Again, don't read too much into it.

(3) He asked you if he could join you because yes, he likes you.  If he didn't like you that much, then he would have waved hello and would have sat elsewhere. Again, it doesn't mean he wants to get into a long-term relationship with you, but it's more promising than #2.  

(4) If you invited HIM and he paid for lunch, that doesn't mean much at all.  It means he feels that "the gentleman should pay" when eating with a lady.  It's common courtesy, and some men take that to be a measure of their "manliness"--they would NEVER let the woman pay for them.  And it would also take a lot for them to allow the check to be split, etc.  Read absolutely NOTHING into this one.  The fact that he said yes to your invitation means about the same as in #1, where he asked YOU to lunch.

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No just hanging out n he paid..


How is it that you both were at the same place where lunch was being eaten?  

Did you accidentally end up in the same place?  Did he ask you to hang out, and then it ran into lunch time?  Did you ask him to hang out? The way you got to the same table is either through YOUR asking him, HIS asking you, or by accidental  happenstance?   Same as above...




So you saw each other at the mall.  You had lunch. He paid.  Read NOTHING into this.  He was being polite.  He obviously likes you enough to have lunch with you, but don't start any family planning. Lunch at the mall on the spur of the moment isn't anything to measure a relationship.

If you're a teenager between 14-18, then everything takes on great importance, and "does he LIKE me?" rules most of your waking moments. It's normal.  If you're in your 20s, then you need to move on emotionally.  Leave the teenage obsessions behind. 


To Media4u2 I love your answers. Wonderful answers.


I recently read that if you want the truth, ask a child or an old person.

The child doesn't know any better, and the old person doesn't care any more.  ;-)

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This is vague. 

He at least tolerates you because I'm not buying lunch for someone I don't at least tolerate as a friend.

Beyond the context, I'm not sure.

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

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