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My abusive ex who dumped me 6 months ago has no job except fixing bikes. He fixed bikes in London and after he dumped me and went to barcelona to start a new life, hes still fixing bikes there. 
I also heard he hooks up a lot and is drinking a lot too. His friend told me he was very happy about learning spanish, and living there but his friend suspected that hes just ruining his life.

What does this mean??? What can I do for someone who has no maturity?

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6 Answers

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He's you EX.  He's not your problem anymore.  He dumped you.  He's your EX.  Him ruining his life is his business not yours.  Forget about the abusive bastard.

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he's your ex b forget about him let karma finish him you deserve soo much better 

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People are responsible for making their own choices. What happens to him is or should be of no concern to you. Especially if he is an abusive ex. Forget about him. 

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If you are really feeling humanitarian, you may teach him how to fish but never give him the fish directly.

You said he was abusive in the past. And his present doesn't sound that well either. So general advice would be to stay away. Don't get too involved.

As such, no part of fixing bikes and hooking up a lot sounds like really bad life decisions. (as long as he is not mooching off of others). I am guessing he is young. Maybe someday he will own a bike shop. 

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I'm confused. He's your ex. Why do you even KNOW what he's doing, let alone concern yourself with him? 

"What does this mean?"  

Nothing. It means nothing. It's none of your business - he's in a different country, he's not your current S/O - what's your own reason for worrying about this? 

"What can I do for someone who has no maturity?"

You can't do anything for him. Again - it's none of your business. And actually, what gives YOU the right to pass judgement on the way someone else lives? 

You need to let go of this guy, stop following what he does, and stop being so invested in someone who's not even in your life anymore. 

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What part of this quedtion do you not understand? I wrote his friend told me even though i wasnt interested in hearing yet he kept telling me.  I didnt ask him


And what gives YOU the right to pass stupid comments about me?


"even though i wasnt interested in hearing yet he kept telling me.  I didnt ask him"

You never said that. Please re-read your original post.  From what you wrote, it sounded like you were keeping tabs on your ex. 

From the new information you just shared ~

When his friend starts talking about him, stop the conversation immediately and tell him you don't want to hear it. If he won't let up, get up and leave the room. Maybe you need to cut off contact with this person completely, if he doesn't respect your wishes to NOT hear about your ex. 

"And what gives YOU the right to pass stupid comments about me?"

You asked. If you don't want to hear what people have to say, don't ask them for their opinion. 


I already told him. The moment he took his name I asked him to stop yet he continued to me all about him then says sorry I mentioned him

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You are confused, it should mean nothing to you.  If I remember right you are still in Uni and he is a bit older.  You two are also culturally different.

He is your Ex and should remain that way, seriously. Now is the time to move and put this behind you in the cabinet of Bittersweet memories.   There is no way to save this guy, and why should you.

It is a new day with new playgrounds to discover.

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I dont know. His friend told me I didnt even ask.  I even asked him not to tell me about him yet he told everything


Walk away, the only question I have is the friend trying to get into your pantss?  That is the question you should be asking.  May you should consider forgetting both of them


I dont think so. If he wanted to why talk about my ex?


Starting point for a conversation.  In the majority of cases it works, believe it or not


No he mentioned it in between the conversation. Not starting. Towards the end of it

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