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U are not cursed your time hasn't come yet. Stop looking and enjoy your single life the right one will come into your life the least u expect it. Maybe u are also looking for them in the wrong places, if any man rushes u into intimacy he's only on one thing. He's just not ready for commitment therefore move on b

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It is okay.

I am married to Wisdom.

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No, I would not welcome that. In "everyone you meet", do you mean new people? 

   I wouldn't want an 80 year old, nor a 26 year old, hitting on me. 

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Men are standing outside of grocery stores here(TN) stopping you, and saying, " I will marry you, and give you my Social Security!"


I once got gas, and the attendant told me he would marry me. He was Asian and was just looking for a wife,  probably for that reason. Lol

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I have had that curse my whole life.  Unfortunately, everyone else seems to have the opposite reaction to me.

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