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Having Schizophrenia can be a very lonely place to be because of the very nature of the illness, no-one can join you there. On the other hand it gives you a unique perspective on the world. I have had to rely on self-belief and sheer determination. That's it.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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I did not know you have schizophrenia. I can only imagine how difficult it must be, it seems like you manage it very well.


That's what most people say. In reality I deal with suicidal thoughts on a daily basis.


To be honest, I've never really known anyone who has schizophrenia. I have read about it and have seen documentaries, but I still get somewhat confused on what it actually entails. I know everyone who has it is not the same, so I am sure it varies from person to person. 

I have depression and anxiety, so I can relate to having suicidal thoughts.


Typical symptoms are hearing voices, which is what people commonly associate with Schizophrenia and hallucinations. My problem is delusions and paranoia, which are also very common symptoms. That's where the being totally alone comes into play. But again accepting that puts you in a unique place compared to someone that doesn't have the illness. Also, typically people with Schizophrenia commit suicide due to the depression of having to deal with these symptoms not Schizophrenia itself. My anxiety levels have also gone through the roof since I lost my job and the doctor says I'm on enough meds already and need to deal with the source of the anxiety. Easier said than done. My landlord is also putting the rent up in April when I am struggling to pay for food already. I am also under pressure from everyone in my life to get a job and get grilled on a weekly basis. Of course no-one will get it until they are in the same position.

I've also had 30 years of dealing with the illness to know what works and what doesn't and have made adjustments.


Thank you for explaining. I hope that everything gets better for you. I think things will fall in place. :)

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I never feel that way...because I have cats.       smilie_girl_235.gif    They're always there for me.

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I can totally relate! My cat’s been there for me for 16 years...

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I do Affirmations and watch movies.

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I hide.  

Seriously, i could just stay in bed.

But i force myself to get up, go find something to do, until i get to hide again.  Dying in my sleep is attractive.

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Dude, you need a pet! 


If I’m not sleeping, I’m on the couch with Bailey,my dog. She can be very sympathetic.


I'm glad you've got Bailey.  


I have a pet.  Pets actually.  A dog a d cat.  Both are happy to just lay in bed with me.

Lol, they seem to be able to hold it forever, while i have to get up and go to the bathroom frequently.


Imissit,  my dog is a Bailey too. :)

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I usually watched movies, informational videos which increase curiosity so when I am in this zone I don't feel lonely. I think only about such information which I gathered i don't want to waste my time to more think about problems. Lots of thinking fall into the depression and if you have pets then they will give happiness they are like small kids seriously pets are amazing to spend good time.

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When i feel lonely, i try to stick with my parents, or try to contact all my friends so that i could divert y self by talking with them. I mostly prefer to listen music, travel out station in search of new places. 

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  When no one understands where I am coming from or things don't go well, I rely on myself to feel better. Believe it or not going for walks in parks that are filled with trees and shrubs of all kinds or just being in nature helps. I have an excuse too, taking my dog, another Bailey, out for his walks. 
   My pets keep me happy too. They are pretty funny and each has their own personality (1 dog, 2 cats). 
    I do not have depression ( at least for now) but I feel for those who do. One daughter of mine does suffer with anxiety and medicates to help with it. She says her music helps her too (guitar). 
   Sometimes I think that being busy would help people with depression or anxiety, because I think the actions and thinking requiring being busy would help you forget the problems. Just my theory. 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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It’s a good theory but when I’m depressed, I’m lucky just getting getting out of bed:(


I hear you! I had a friend with the same problem. He overslept a lot. He never took meds, and drank a lot, which didn't help. Alcohol depresses you more. 

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Besides the afore-mentioned cat, I tend to escape into a good novel. As the pages keep turning, I forget my life and get lost into someone else’s. When it’s time to come back, I usually feel more inspired—if the characters could deal with whatever shit was tossed their way, so can I.

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Thats a good way to keep your mind off problems. I love a good book too. 

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 I pray and hope God is listening to me. 

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