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 No, I haven’t got it yet. But I know I will be very excited when it happens. 

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My back being scrubbed in the shower this morning

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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My godmother surprised me with a Tiffany heart charm bracelet one day randomly after I gave her a compliment that I liked her bracelet from Tiffany's. So, next day she went out and bought me one and came over to surprise me with it along with a very sweet card that I always kept. She lived in Chicago and I lived in another state, so this happened one summer when I was visiting family. 

A couple years later, she got cancer and ended up passing away (she was 40 and had 2 young kids). The bracelet that she gave me goes everywhere I go and it is my good luck charm. She was the best kind of person that there is. In the card she gave me, she wrote that she hopes to spend more time with me. That time never came, unfortunately. Her motto was, "I love you more." 
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There's sorrow, happiness, high spirits, all at the same time in this story. Well written. 


Thank you :) I try to be optimistic 

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