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Ok so I kinda know this guy is a fboy but I’m stupid. Basically I was rlly bored last week and and played t or d over snap with him and he was asking stuff like would I give him head etc. Keep in mind I’m 14 and haven’t even had my first kiss yet. He has asked me for nudes 3 different times but for some reason I’m still talking to him. Tonight he asked me to meet him near the bathroom at 3:30 tomorrow to “grab my ass or whatever” and I’m so scared bc Idk what to do and for some stupid reason I said yes. Help help help

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Try to avoid him and tell the real reason that you are not comfortable right now and also say don't try to force me.

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What you need to do is stop contact with this guy. Completely. He wants to use you - so don't let him. Don't meet him,  don't send him any photos and erase all his contact information from your phone/computer.  It's highly possible this guy is a legal adult on the lookout for sex with a minor. Do you have an older sibling, parent or other trusted adult to talk to about this? If so, go to them and ask for their help. 

Please believe me when I say that continuing down this path can quite possibly ruin your entire life. 

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Pffft he literally goes to my school and I have classes with him but I have officially ghosted him so that’s good


Yes, that's *good* - and don't ever agree to do something you're not comfortable with or that goes against your better judgment. And if, in a moment of weakness, you do agree to something you regret saying, just tell the person you've changed your mind. 

I'm glad you made a great choice here. 

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Do not send him nudes. He is a horny teenage boy who just wants sex. He will show all his little friends your nudes and you'll be a joke of the school and labelled a whore. He is not someone who cares about you, I know at 14 yrs old it is hard for you to see...but someone who is interested in you for you, and not for easy sex does not do what this little shit is doing.

Once you send someone those kind of explicit pictures, they are out there FOREVER. And one day when you're 30, it will matter. Be smart and don't buy into horny teenage boy charm or peer pressure.

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