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one giant lie to the American people.

But that all ended when Tucker Carlson sent the left running for their political lives by telling this one truth.

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3 Answers

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LOL From what I've seen Tucker Carlson is a bit of a wanker.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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What's even the point of this question when you give no context ?? You think democrats watch Carlson? 

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Google it!


That would be waste of my time. As such I don't care about the context. I was merely point out that this one was pointless.


Define pointless?

We want America great again, so do not hate our fabulous president.


OK. Now we are done. Thou shall move on. 


Great answer.

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Tucker Carlson is a monumental twat. And somebody please tell him to take that helmet off his head....
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