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During his historic State of the Union Address he had a very clear message for Democrats like Cryin’ Chuck, who only obstruct:

“Victory is not winning for our party, victory is winning for our country.

It’s called AMERICA FIRST!

Here are some of the highlights from last night’s historic State of the Union Address:

  • President Trump shared critical details about the CRISIS at our Southern Border, and finally exposed Democrats for their lies and obstruction.
  • He described our BOOMING ECONOMY and laid out a clear vision of our plan for continued American Greatness.
  • And he expressed a message of unity that ALL AMERICANS should be proud of.

We know Democrats will criticize the speech. We know the Mainstream Media will criticize the speech. And we know the Coastal Elites will criticize the speech.

But the President doesn’t care what they think. He only cares what you think,

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3 Answers

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Sounds good. Pity it's a load of crap.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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I think he was full of shit. 

So called "critical details" have been proven false again and again. Economy was booming before he came. Obama got shit of an economy, which he fixed and trump inherited. Just how he has all his life. He is now gonna make us all bankrupt, just how he has all his life. Stick market is going down. All you hear is recession fears on radio.

His message of unity was not message of unity. What he said was let's forget about Russia interference.

So yeah, more Americans thinks he is worthless piece of shit than anything else. 

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Did you find this tattooed inside Sean Hannity's rectum?

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LOL... Oh man... You crack me up.. You are super funny !!


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