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The sooner we get ourselves weaned off fossil fuels, the better we'll all be. Fossil fuels are going to run out some day. It's inevitable - resources like that are finite.  If we can switch to some cleaner, renewable form of energy, good for us. But I'm not sure the fossil fuel industries - which pretty much run the world right now - are going to let us do that without a fight. 

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It is still a shock to other colors.

Sure, they use green in advertising, to trick us into thinking things are healthy.

I remember they had Drive detergent, and they got rid of it, saying it was harmful to the water.

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The senate is still controlled by the repugs, and they are against everything.  But maybe it will get the conversation started and in two years we get different senators, some at least hopefully.

And we still have an idiot for president, so that kills any further chances, but maybe in two years...

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