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~Blue, Newsletter Week 32
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Please note this is NOT a political post.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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7 Answers

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But can the response be political? If so,  it’s every time Nancy Pelosi opens up her mouth. 

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Almost everyday when I read stupid, completely baseless and nonsense posts attacking democrats. Can't believe these trump supporters. 

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At my cousins funeral, a young woman taken by a disease that only affects 1% of the UK population. How does that happen..

I don't SMHD at Trump supporters, they were warned but they went ahead anyway. They reap what they sow. 

Twitter is going nuts with them enraged that their tax returns are much smaller or they owe..they were told..

If you see me jogging, kill whatever is chasing me

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Just saw that on FB. Where did my refund go??? In last years amazing tax breaks people.


My federal tax return is very small compared to what it was usually. Even more now that I'm retired. The state refund is better but still not what it was.  Its because of the new tax laws and hopefully with a new administration, things will change. 

   I'm assuming the very wealthy did fine. 


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When I looked at my electric bill.

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Just today when the vet gave me a bill for my dog. He wasn't well and so without going into too much detail he had bloodwork done and meds given to him via injection, plus pills he needs to take for awhile. This dog is old now, almost 11 and he's not aging well. :(

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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Sorry to hear that.


Thank you. I'll know by Tues if all is ok. 


So sorry Amy. I hope all goes well. Dogs are amazing.


Thank you!

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Everyday. There is enough things that happen on a daily basis to make me shake my head in disbelief. 

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Right! Evertime you turn on the news!

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Everyday Blue.  In short I do not believe peoples stupidity, arrogance and ignorance.

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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