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demand THE WALL.

While Democrats refuse to acknowledge the crisis at our Southern Border, the safety of Americans is threatened every day....

Just a few days ago, an MS-13 gang member was taken into custody for a fatal shooting on a subway platform in New York City. We’re removing these gang members by the thousands, but until we secure our border they're going to keep streaming back in.

Even with this knowledge, Democrats have chosen petty games over the safety of Americans.

During my State of the Union Address, I called for unity, asking Democrats to finally choose greatness over gridlock.

With Congress’ deadline to fund the wall on February 15th, I need you to help put pressure on the Democrats and become an Official Build the Wall Member.

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Good luck down at the arm pit of texas.  I just dont feel the urgency.  Apparently you didnt feel the urgency when you had paul ryan kissing your ass and could have had him give you money.  And during the mid term election there didnt seem to be many voters who agreed with the urgency because a lot of ass kissers were not reelected. 

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 I’m with you all the way. What’s the best way to help?

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MS -13 are a home grown gang, what is going wrong in America that these gangs spring up so readily? And how does your average Mexican feel about you kicking them into their country for them to live in fear?

Sounds very selfish and short sighted, why don't you concentrate on your own domestic problems? Like affordable health care and clean air to  breathe and clean water to drink.  How about equality in education? What about a real living wage?  Decent social security for the people who worked hard and paid into the pot would be good.

It's always someone else threatening your lifestyle with you, start to take responsibility for the crap going on under your very nose.

Goodnight Mr Trump.

If you see me jogging, kill whatever is chasing me

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I live in Arizona - a border state - and we don't give a shit about a wall. We've found so many tunnels across the border, we're starting to wonder if there aren't giant mutant prairie dogs out there somewhere....

It's horrible about that MS 13 gang member shooting someone in NYC.  But it's also horrible that the GOP doesn't care about multiple mass shootings being committed at least once a week by legal American citizens. 

I will do the exact opposite of putting "pressure on the Democrats" to fund a wall - I will put pressure on them to stand firm AGAINST funding a wall. 

But thanks anyway.


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