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Sunday that she would seek the presidency.

“Now when I said elected leaders should go not just where it’s comfortable but also where it’s uncomfortable, this is what I mean,” the Minnesota politician quipped to the crowd as snow whipped around them amid 14-degree temps.

Walking onstage wearing a mustard-colored jacket and scarf, Klobuchar hollered, “We don’t let a little snow stop us! We don’t let a little cold stop us!”

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How does it work? Who can vote and how do they get it down to one person? Can anyone vote or do you need to be a party member?

If you see me jogging, kill whatever is chasing me

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They have what they call primaries, which is an election to decide who gets the party ticket. So essentially there will be a big line of people to choose from within Democratic party. The primaries happen in phases, certain number of states at a time. And as it moves on, people drop out because it becomes clear they won't have enough support. 

After that, each party gives a ticket to the winner. The incumbent will usually always get the ticket. So Trump is almost guaranteed Republican ticket for 2020.

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 She must have found that a campaign manager  I had heard that she was having a hard time finding one that would work with her.

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She is a difficult person with a good MN PR machine

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I don't know much about her - I have to read up on what policies she supports or doesn't.

As far as her finding it difficult to find staff...I have to laugh at that. We've got a POTUS who is playing "Musical  Administration Positions."  Every time the music stops, somebody quits or gets fired. Trump should put a revolving door in the WH, since staff comes & goes so quickly.

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Amy is her father Jim's daughter, a spoiled rich kid.  She used her fathers connections and the Cowles Media Group to help in in her local political pursuits.  Like Al Franken she is parochial in her liberal politics. 

She is hell on earth to work for.  Mike Freeman had to intervene when she was involved in Hennipen County on behalf of her staff.  Mark Dayton had to intercede in to stop the fued, or at least keep it out of the Cowles Media Group and daddy's influence.

Yeah what do you all want to know?  I would believe City Pages and neither the Pioneer Press or Star-Tribune articles.  These are all masterful PR massage pieces.

Yes I have met Amy personally.  My Ex's in laws are up to their necks in DFL party intrigues

Next question for $400 please, any Munger and the ugly corruption which that entails

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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