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Or AMI, the parent company of the Natl Enquirer. 

    Interesting events here that somehow may have ties to Trump and Saudi Arabia. 

    I can't believe the Natl Enquirer operatives who say that threatening to publish explicit pictures of Bezos is not extortion; its just a journalistic story.

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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I wouldn't want to mess with Bezos. He is smart and rich. So rich that even rich people call him rich. 

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He should buy The Natl Enquirer and then shut it down.  Whoever believes the stuff they publish has to be a Trump supporter. 

I actually don't agree with shutting it down. Innocent people will suffer from unemployment. But he could turn it around.


Maybe those people could work under him, the innocents that is. That newspaper is politically bought. 


That could work.

I am wondering though if his private investigation will reveal any criminal conduct. That would be interesting.


I think that is why they are coming after him and trying to blackmail him. In the Washington Post (Bezos owns) there was an article criticizing Trump and his admiration for the Saudi Prince, or something of that nature. They want Bezos to  take back what the report said. The Natl Enquirer had a story and glossy photo of the prince and gushed over him. 

So Bezos's investigation may reveal something about the relationship between  Trump and the Prince, and the guy that was murdered in Turkey by Arabs which Trump did nothing about.  One more thing to spike Mueller's interest.

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Yes Bezo is not a Bozo as Trump called him. I don't know how the Saudi angle will play out but AMI are in hot water regardless.

If you see me jogging, kill whatever is chasing me

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He has a nickname for everyone but himself. 


That's OK the rest of us make up for that 

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He is a Public Person, therefore fair game.  AMI has done nothing wrong which scares the Hell out of Bezo's.  AMi has proved they legally came by the images.  They do have Bezo's nudes and Dick pics, what a F-ing idiot. Appears he did not listen to his own lawyers or common sense

Bezo's is scrambling to find the leak in his organization.  His soon to be Ex hopes the stock price stays up which is poor Jeff's only hope.  Otherwise if she opens her mouth the Empire is doomed

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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On the contrary;  I believe Bezos has the upper hand for now and the Enquirer is the one doing the scrambling. They already know the brother of the woman Bezos is with now, is the leaker. 


The material was obtained by a vetted source legally.


<The material was vetted by a vetted source legally>

   Really? What is the motive behind it? With whose permission, Bezos himself? That would be legal then. 

      Blackmail, pure and simple. They want (they meaning Trump himself and Dave Pecker, President of The Enquirer) Bezos to stop his paper's investigation of the murder of Khashoggi. The Enquirer always does Trumps bidding, ie; publishing unflattering stories about Hilary, Ted Cruz, and so on. I wouldn't be surprised if it is found Trump had already known about the planned murder. 

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