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Ok if you have app on smart phone can you use that to pick movies on smart tv if you have no cable just an antenna? Or do you use channel changer?

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You should be able to cast what you see on your phone to your TV. 

Most TV brands come with their own app that makes it easier. For example, Samsung has an app called smart things that connects everything.

There are devices like Chrome cast that you can use too. 

The only requirement usually is that your TV and phone should be on the same wifi network so they can find each other. 

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Yah and if you have the app you can Can you control Samsung smart tv with phone. And pick movies and stuff right


Yes. There are also remote control apps available. You can control just about anything.




Is that why my phone always says smartthings must be able to tun in the background??


Likely  yes. If you don't use it, you should just block it. 

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