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This is my 2nd car ever and it's brand spankin' new! I got a sapphire blue 2019 Toyota Yaris. I honestly preferred how the Yaris drove compared to the Corolla. I don't need a car with much space or engine power, so it's the perfect car for me. I can't wait for the vet to see it when he walks me to my car the next time I go over to his place! I can finally stop feeling embarrassed about the men I'm dating/screwing seeing my car, as was the case with my beat up '97 Honda Accord. :) 

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8 Answers

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So happy for you! Congratulations!!!! :)

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But really need to stop running your entire life based on how you think men perceive you. It's got to be exhausting and you're probably wrong half the time anyway. 

I bought a Kia Sephia new in 2000 and I drove it for 17 years. Anyone who thought less of me for that can go pound sand. While THEY were making car payments, *I* was saving extra money and going on cool vacations. NOT having car payments is awesome - why would you worry that men wouldn't understand that?

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If it makes you happy I'm happy for you. However, I have learned the hard way money and possessions mean nothing.

Life is what you make it.

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Congratulations!! Enjoy the new car smell:) 

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 Congrats!!  And I like the new attitude, could it be confidence?  :)  

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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Congratulations.  Nice car.

But the old 97 would look pretty new in my driveway.  I have a 1990 VW vanagon.  And a 1987 Jeep wrangler.  Old jeeps are still jeeps.

Of course I am not trying to attract hot chicks or studly guys either.

Good luck with that.

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With what you Pack Below is what is gonna attract the ladies.


But i could be arrested showing it on the street.  Lol.

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Moving on up... Good for you.

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