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If a guy says texts are annoying but still wants to hangout and text once and awhile wht u think of that ? Just life with stuff going on? Is that why he don’t text as much anymore or inaiate the texts? 

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3 Answers

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Texts are annoying, I go for so long then say ef it and phone.  And then I remrmber phoning is annoying and say what I want to say then get off the phone...we are all different. The only person I spend any decent amount of time on the phone eith is my sister.

 Edit not to correct my mistakes but to show how effing annoying txt is..

If you see me jogging, kill whatever is chasing me

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Face to face is better


I agree..

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As with anything, texting gets old.

Perhaps he much prefers the face to face conversations.

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After he was texting me all the time for 7 months almost everyday till he got in trouble with court. Now it’s not so much.. could just be depressed and life too


Yes, depression makes you change in ways of despair.


So I should just give this time.


Yes, it is for the best, you can not say if this guy is suffer inner demons.

He just needs some more time.


Correct !! We all hide depression well. Thank you for your answers!!

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Hard to say without knowing the context, but I’d guess he’s trying to keep it casual and avoid commitment. 

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Yah who knows

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