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Congress’ critical deadline to FUND THE WALL is in just 3 days.

The President was disappointed your name wasn’t on the first list of Official Build the Wall Members we sent him the other day.

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4 Answers

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Good.  Anything I can do to disappoint Trump is awesome. 

 (And psssssssst! The deadline is to keep the government open, not to fund the wall.)

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Get the facts straight. Deadline is to fund the government. 

by (342,880 points)
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It might have been a big deal for El Paso.  Its kind of a no where place with wind.  The trumpster just added to the hot air there with another content free speech which will not change the course of government funding.  

Wall or not.

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He wants you to send him money, if all his supporters bought a brick each it would make him very happy. 

Send your money now, you want to feel safe don't you?

If you see me jogging, kill whatever is chasing me

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