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More than two years after President Trump boasted of his plans to build a “big, beautiful, powerful wall” between the United States and Mexico, his administration is adopting a stealthier approach—ducking dozens of environmental rules—to make the promise a reality. And it looks like one of the country's best birding sites will be up first. 

To fast-track the process, the White House is targeting public tracts—even those set aside specifically for conservation. Nearly all Texas border lands are private, and seizing property through eminent domain is controversial and costly.

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4 Answers

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It took 2 years to figure that out? LOL
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The Elephants are not going to be happy.

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Yeah Trump will do that, just ask the Scots. He actually sued Scotland because he couldn't ruin our protected conservation areas.. he lost.. but he usually does 

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If it's true, then just wait until the 10,000 lawsuits hit - Trump's wall will be tied up in court for decades.

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