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On the internet?  

    I had no idea Versace, the Italian women's fashion designer, was murdered back in 1997 by a spoiled and narcisstic serial killer, Andrew Cunanan. 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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Well, I have been reading about Ancient History and how they are still finding mummies.

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There's always a story about Donald Trump.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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Thats all I see since he's been in office. Like a saga. 

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I find lots of interesting science stories - stuff I'd never know about if not for the internet. 

I remember when I read in 2016 that archeologists found the long-lost sunken HMS Terror, I was amazed it was barely covered on the news. If not for the net, I'd've never known about it. That kind of stuff fascinates me. 

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For me it would be about the Poltergeist curse. The 2 actresses who played the 2 daughters in the movie series had horrible early deaths. Really unfortunate stuff. I only found out about it on the net.

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I heard the same about the filming of the movie, The Exorcist. Two of the actors died after the filming as well as in the movie, a brother of Max Von Sydow, the older priest, died during the filming, accidents happened on set,  and the son of Mercedes McCambridge who was the voice of the demon, killed his family and then himself.  Some died of heart attacks watching it. Some say the film itself was possessed. 


Wow. I didn’t know that. I hope those are all just unfortunate coincidences 


I don't know....while going to see it in Rome, people were hit by a huge thunderstorm and the weather was dangerous. They barely made it to see the film with all the flooding. Maybe someone was trying to tell them something. 

   The movie itself was based on a true story, happened to a boy. The parents wanted the film to change the gender to keep the boy's identity quiet. 


And that’s why I never play with ouija boards and things like that. Creepy stuff...



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OK - speaking of interesting facts found on the awe-inspiring is this?

Lost for nearly 80 years and found 17,500 feet down.... 

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Thats sad that it wasnt discovered till now. Still amazing though. 

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