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Should I feel uncomfortable if I still continue 2 organize

BACKGROUND: I had two heart problems. I had the ablation 2 kill off the tissue causing the atrial flutter which was causing the severe attacks which landed me in the hospital. However, the doctor didnt know I had afib as well and only found out about the afib when he was doing the ablation for the atrial flutter, however, he didnt have the equipment 2 do the ablation to kill the tissue causing the afib. Right now I am being treated with medication.

STORY: Today (I reorganize my clothes alot) I was reorganizing my clothes which means I have 2 take my clothes out of my dresser draws and closet. I finished the reorganization two hours before my mom and I were going to go out to dinner with my two nephews (her 2 grandsons) and my brother-in-law (her son-in-law) and my sister (her other daughter). A couple of minutes before my mom and I were going to go downstairs 2 be picked up by my brother-in-law (her son-in-law) I got a pain near my heart and had 2 steady my breathing. When we were in the car I told them what happened.

I was in my room alone and my mom comes in and says (out of the clear blue sky) "you are not going 2 like what I am going to say but I am going 2 say it anyway". I cut her off and told her "I don't want to hear it". Mom said it anyway: "you know you can't keep taking your clothes out because even though it didn't cause the breathing problem it can aggravate it." KEEP IN MIND I DIDN'T GO IN2 HER ROOM. I WAS MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS. AND THE PART THAT ALSO BOTHERS ME IS SHE GETS INSISTENT HER WAY IS THE RIGHT WAY. We had some fight. I told her 2 keep her comments to herself and told her I am still going 2 reorganize if I have 2.

ALSO KEEP IN MIND: I love organizing and reorganizing

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I know this is easier said than done, but you should pay less attention to your mom, let her affect you less. People’s words can only affect you if you let them. Work on that slowly over time. 

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Thank you.  Just one question if you were me what would have told yourself when she was saying what?  Also how do I control my temper if she says something?


Hard to say without knowing her. I’d rather say something to her than to myself. If it were my mother I’d calmly tell her, without raising my voice, to please give me some space and let me do the harmless little things I enjoy. If she insists organizing is causing you health issues I’d just disagree again softly and calmly without stressing yourself. If she insists you should suggest to consult your doctor on it. Hopefully then she’ll leave it alone. 

Each time she starts again, I’d just calmly and gently tell her to give you space. Over time she’ll realize she no longer throws you for a loop and will hopefully stop trying. 

Again, hard to advise without knowing her but I hope this helps. Good luck. 


Thank you.

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