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Think about it.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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Yes it would, it would get the money out and bankrupt the gangs and cartels.  they would have to go back to the old ways




Loan Sharking

and similar crimes

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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Legalization of prostitution would reduce crime further.


True Wellone, however I think decriminalizing drugs will be easier


One thing at a time.  Lol.

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No I think more money should be spent on providing free rehab for addicts. If there is no demand then the supply chain will dry up.

If you see me jogging, kill whatever is chasing me

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The problem is that not all addicts want to be rehabilitated.  I knew an alcoholic in the army and talked to him a lot.  He knew he was ruining his life but did not find life sober the least bit attractive.  So there was no incentive to get off the addiction.  I think that is common.  

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Yes, it would reduce criminality and also guarantee product quality and prevent overdoses and deaths. I also think prostitution should be legalized too. Look at the Netherlands. The Red light districts are even a tourist attraction and a good source of revenue. Not to mention the social benefits (less violence,  fewer Diseases, the workers get paid rather than the pimps). 

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Making fashionable designer goods is legal. That doesn't stop anyone from creating fake stuff and selling at cheaper cost. Everything like alcohol, shoes, purses, clothes, paintings, etc gets sold in black market. So that establishes the fact that there will always be black market even on legal stuff. Which means that legalization is not going to curb criminals. 

Now about revenue. Surely it will bring it tax dollars. But is that the business government want to be? Collecting money from people's drug addiction? Is it morally right for a society to benefit from someone's addiction? That's a question where everyone will have different answer.

I do support legalization of Marijuana if it benefits medically. Let that be controlled. And not highly taxed. If it's classified as medicine, it should be affordable.

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