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For me it was the day after my mum died when I smelled her scent just floating past me 

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What thoughts did you have?

Her letting you know that she was okay, or her letting you know that she would Never leave you?


Both I think. My mum was cremated as per her wishes and the day after I felt a real need to see her and wished she had been buried as at least ii would have somewhere to go, it was then I smelled her...


When you have that strong urge to see her, just LOOK UP, for she is there.

Granny was Too Cheap to buy a tomb stone, and when my oldest brother went looking for our mother at the grave site, he was told that she could be anywhere or everywhere in the grave dirt, for they did not take special care of those buried without a tomb stone.

Bothered me for many years, unconsciously.

Until, I would touch the last thing my mom gave me.

Now I do not even have that, after we moved.

But, just last Christmas, a woman I had NOT seen since a kid, recognized me, in the grocery store, and said to me that I look just like my mom.

My mom was born and died in December, so it hurts more in that month.

That is why this woman coming up to me, recognizing me, was so very shocking.

I had to focus on her face, and then I could see and remember her brother, but I had NOT seen her since the age of 7 years old, and she had not been exposed to seeing me, for we grew up never going to the same schools or hanging out in the same locations.

I have asked several people about this occurrence, but no one can answer me.

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