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I was recently at a sports game with one of my gfs and her friend’s dad was there. Ive never been to the game so his dad was telling me about it, when he was talking to me I overheard  someone say “an older man with a young girl, typical.” I was so angry with that comment because it couldn’t be any further from the truth. I noticed things like this always happens to me. It doesnt happen to my gf and shes the same age as me. AND i see other younger women walking with older men and nothing is being said. Is it because I might be good looking or is it something else? I do take pride in my looks but I am not like those other women who really go after older men. And im married with only a 3 year gap. Its frusterating because this happens to me with friends and colleagues. My last boss was a man and he explained to me perception is everything and that i shouldnt go to meetings anymore when our clients are older (i was so insulted and still am till this day)! The inaccurate perception sabotages me all the time. #beyondfedup

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Societal stereotyping is the underlying cause, it happens.  Not seeing how you were interacting or dressed it is hard to say why.  Now your old boss in his comments was plain wrong.

We get the reverse my partner is younger and we have kids.  People assume I am grandpa and that really irks my partner.  The flip is the young pups try and move in........

Learn to live with as we have once you do not care, others will not as well

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I have only one thing to say. Those that jump to conclusions often land in ignorance. And there's a lot of them about. It's their problem at the end of the day. That's how I would look at it anyway.

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Yes looks have something to do with it.  No one would say anything if you were ugly.

Otherwise, jumping to conclusions is a national pastime.  Friends of mine, a couple, older guy, younger woman, were renting a car and the agent did the paperwork on the guy, then looked up and ask if his wife was has daughter.  Small embarrassment.

Your boss is an idiot.

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That has been the take on life for many years.

Due to the older man supposedly having wealth that a younger gold digger is trying to get.

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Instead of telling us on here, I would've directly turned around and told the people who said that, "That's a cute assumption, but no....we are not a couple. He's my father." And made them feel like the real dummies that they are. That also would've ensured that they think twice next time before commenting. 

Other than that, who cares? I wouldn't put too much thought into it. 

I go out with my dad sometimes, and I always pray to God that no one thinks we are in a relationship. On the other hand, it does not matter what I think because I cannot control other people's thoughts. People are going to think what they want to, regardless. I live in South Florida, so I see older men with young young girls all the time. I have become immune to seeing it. Of course, in my head that I cannot control, I always wonder whether they are family or a couple. Although, I would never say anything out loud just in case I assume wrong. 
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Ok Im going to be a bit naive here, but are there still young girls dating older men ? I thought that trend ended a decade ago, no? Lol


Lol oh it is still a very real thing! I see it all the time. Where I live, there are a lot of older men with mail order brides. I recently saw a man who was walking with a walker (could barely walk) and he had to be about 80 years old at least. He was walking through the mall holding hands with a super young Asian girl (she was not older than 22 yrs old). And I could tell by the way she spoke and was dressed that she just got to America. I passed them at the mall a few times and even sat next to them at the food court, then suddenly witnessed them kissing on the lips, which confirmed the obvious. That was one of the biggest age gaps I've ever seen. 

Oh, and the guy had his great grandchildren with him, who also looked puzzled about what grandpa was doing lol.

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