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When my son got older and didnt need me as much. Perfectly normal way of things but there is an aww moment.

We have met the enemy and he is us.

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I feel like every mother must go through that! Especially with having a son. My mom did with my brother, as well. 

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Lol.  Most of the time.  Unless I am needed to open a bottle or get something off of a high shelf. 

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God, there were so many instances like that. I can think of times when my sister's thrown get togethers at her place and told me she just wanted it to be her and her girlfriends. I've felt unwanted by the men who've dumped me (obvious answer). I remember in 7th grade, for a full school year, I sat with this group of girls because I didn't want to be alone during recess and lunch. I tried becoming part of their group, but they never really accepted me. They were blonde "Americans" from good, Christian families, and I was a poor Armenian girl from an unhappy home. 

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High school. All 4 years. Every minute of every day. Years later  I finally realized that being unwanted by assholes is not necessarily a bad thing. 

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Did you go to a coed school? I just ask cause I think you mentioned you went to Catholic school.

Sorry I initially misread the question!! Anyway yes it was co-ed
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I was given up as a baby for adoption. I think that qualifies. Although it probably gave me, my sister and my brother a better chance in life.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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I never think of adoption as giving up a baby because they are not wanted...I think of it as the person cared so much more about you, than about themselves, to try to give you a shot at having a life they know they are not able to fully provide (for whatever the reason). I actually give those parents credit who are able to realize this and do this, because I have only ever been a dog mother....but I know it has to be the hardest, most selfless thing someone could do.

You may never know the reason behind 'why,' but someone cared enough to do what they felt was best, with your best interest in mind.


It can also have a profound effect of rejection and lead to consequences. Which has been the case with my brother. His whole life, starting from when he was told. He set out to and found our Mother and sister. In the end he came to the conclusion it wasn't the best idea in the world. Our Mother had 3 kids and gave them away one after the other. You've got to wonder why she didn't stop at number one.


I can understand that. Sometimes due to things like drug addiction, mental disorders, or rape, multiple pregnancies occur. You just never know...


I'm guessing my brother does know as he contacted our Mother at the turn of the millennium.

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