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I'm just keepin' limber and warming up for 2020!

in Politics by (104,980 points)

5 Answers

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Lol.  Go fuck yourself.  Just getting ready for 2020.

by (1,320,070 points)
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You sure are confident and cocky about that.  A bit arrogant, too.

 But I gotta tell you, you're gonna be very upset, angry, and in denial more than you are now when the truth comes out. You'll probably have a crying jag or two...and here if you have the guts to step back into AOR when it happens, we're all going to say: " We hate to say it, but we told you so!"  I'm sure some will say it in a far more interesting way. 

    Then your name will be SheepForester.

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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Dude, you've already lost.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

by (3,744,461 points)

who are you to  judge? Do you have  a job yet?


Not cool dude. Not cool.

You are not cool to me!  Making derogatory comments to nearly all of my posts.  I have come on this site for a long time.  Just because people disagree with me view on some outlooks that I have does not give people the right to throw around insults.  I never instigate, but becasue several folks on this site feel disengaged from reality being when what they "think" should  happen - does not happen - they can begin insulting those of us that have been right all along.  I'm a nice person, but I still am looking forward to saying ITYS.  Mainly because you have tried to  tell me different for so long now.

You must be joking mate. You're taking the piss and no-one is impressed.


You have a lot of nerve Wake. You come on here just to insult everyone who is not a Trump supporter. And you insult the web master here, who is imo far too patient with your crap. If I were Blue you would be been gone already. It's HIS website, and you are lucky to still be here. How dare you be so rude? 

< "I never instigate">  What bull. You come in here with nothing but the intention to. 

+2 votes

I can't wait for lots of things....but needling people on the internet isn't one of them. 

by (2,147,370 points)
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Have no clue what the acronym means. 

2020 is coming and a lot will happen in the next 3 months which will determine the stage.  Wake you are looking at this from a Southern, conservative mind.  Leave the bubble and look around, there is a lot which can impact the out come.

The Dems are fragmented and do not have a great candidate.  They have a few that play to the strength pockets

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

by (2,932,230 points)

Archer I know the Democrats are killing themselves... Our President would win anyway, but all of the "few that play to the strength pockets" are going to beat themselves in 2020.  The reason you may not know the acronym is because I have been sporadically coming on this site for years longer than you've been around.


Do not count on it, too many variables.  He has not delivered jobs to the Heartland.  In fact GM is closing plants there to make matters worse.

The only way Trump will win is if the Dems put an extremely left wing candidate up.  Biden may turn the tables, Warren may shake things up.  So far I do not see a Dark Horse arising, so much to my disgust Trump may win

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