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Potheads , ppl that smokes weed everyday do they not care about the things around them or any kind or relationships? Yes I know they depressed. And ppl that do drugs the drugs are more important than girls... or vis Versa so am I correct?

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2 Answers

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Caffeine addicts are the worst. They're always in the coffee shop.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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Take everything I have, but don't take my coffee!!


Haha ... he smokes joints at work.

He don’t care

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Lol, are you still stuck on this guy? 
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Eh I guess I mean I known him since 6th grade... I like to hang out with him. But it’s the truth right weed makes u lazy and not care .. if he using that he using other stuff


I get it. I also fall for the wrong people. 

Not necessarily, I know both. I know very productive people who smoke and some unproductive. And it does not mean that if he is smoking a blunt, he is also doing crack. They are two very different things. Alcohol is actually more dangerous of a drug than weed is.


But he doing it everyday and he texting less and don’t text me after 530. So idk if he depressed on drugs or has another girl.. he just so different 


Smoking weed does not make someone be a shitty person or treat others with carelessness. What is your interest in him? 

Are you trying to be with him in a relationship?

Are you only trying to be his friend?


If you are trying to stop him from being a drug addict of some sort (because you've mentioned meth and cocaine regarding him prior) that is a battle you are going to lose. You cannot stop someone, you do not have that power. 


Idk we been hanging out 8 months and talking that long since Jan he’s changing that’s all. Seems like he plays women like an fuckboy


Right bc he was addicted to herion and cocain before and if he gets on them again I’m gonna lose

From the sound of it, he has not changed much, if at all. You have to quit making excuses for him and his behaviors and realize that he is probably not the guy who is right for you and going to make you happy. He is not relationship material and you will always be miserable trying to figure him out, rather than accept that he is not the one and move on. 

Thanks! But that is how he acts! Yes he not good boyfriend material for anybody he likes his drugs and himself and wants girls when it’s convent for him I guess that’s about right.. and he always says I’m sick a lot.


You said it yourself and you hit the nail on the head.

"He is not good boyfriend material for ANYONE. He likes his drugs and himself."

There is your answer that you answered yourself.

He is a loser and you deserve better, I can tell you are much smarter than that. All this energy you've been putting in to focus on him, use it on yourself and find someone worth your time. Once you have a taste of a good relationship, you'll be sorry you ever wasted your time worrying about this fool. 

He has shown you who he is. Believe him. He isn't ever going to change, no matter how many pep talks you give him.


See, everyone knows what the right thing to do is. The hard part is actually doing it and taking your own advice.


Thanks! And I’m sure he treats everyone like this! 


I am sure he does. Selfish people only care about themselves. 


That’s him.. freeloader etc


And if he asks for money it’s for drugs all the time right?


How much have you paid him so far?? 


Who says I have? I’m just asking sometimes he asks for 500. Sometimes 200. So it’s for drugs like weed

Cocain or herion or bills


It's good if you didn't. I was just curious.


But he wants it for drugs right what else could he be doing with it?? Not spending on girls..


To be honest with you, it does not matter at this point what he wants the money for.

Do not be foolish enough to give him money. He is a user and an addict. He is trying to use you.



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