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I remember when the democrat denial, but come to find out those democrats were all being played like fools with a two-tiered justice system.  democrats want to elect "leaders" to sit on above the socialist public that would live by  meager means.  It is because now many democrats are vagrants, illegal aliens, or people who would be happy to leave off those meager means... as long as it is free.  America is finally being able to see the corruption that is being displayed by recent testimony of Bruce Ohr and Lisa Page (and there will be much more in the coming weeks).  There WILL BE accountability with our new attorney general, and HRC and Obuma have real chances of finally wearing their well-deserved pin stripes.  I can't wait to say I told you so... again. Are you finally seeing just how wrong you were about PRESIDENT Donald Trump?  MAGA 

Yes I realize some on this site feel like I "jump ship" after I pose a  question, and then don't reply to every response.  Fortunately I do have a career and attended a wonderful state conference last week.  The accountability I am speaking of is when the US AG will Will WILL bring criminal lawsuits to democrats.  Mark my words, and ICWTSITYS!  Isn't it kind of funny how after two years of democratic research... there is NO COLLUSION! ITYS!!

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This is where you always let yourself down and prove how stupid you are. This is a classic example of your total ignorance of how things work in your own country.

Answer one question. Who are the only people who can get rid of a sitting President?

We have met the enemy and he is us.

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Congress, both House and Senate - not really an easy thing to accomplish.  Now as punishing former Administrations - refer to Nixon.  I do not believe there is another


He got a pardon didn't he. Another lol moment. And Clinton got a favourable bump.

I thought it was bad here.


Clintons removal from office never made it through the Senate.  Nixon resigned before the House and Senate vote - he sall the writing on the Wall.  Ford Pardoned Nixon - end of story


GB, Congress can. But they need 2/3 of the majority to impeach him. Being the majority of the Senate are Reps, it would be hard. However, if it is found that he is guilty of something of extreme proportions, they would hopefully get him out. 


Amy I did know that, WF didn't respond. He is implying that the FBI etc are or were trying up remove Trump from office, thats why I asked the question.  Who can remove a sitting President,  Congress and the American people... there is no coup, it's all in his head  


Amy - amajority in the House for charges, 2/3 in the Senate to remove


GB, you need the majority of both the House and the Senate, a majority meaning 2/3 of them combined. Most of the House is made of Democrats, and the Senate has more Republicans. What people don't realize also, is that it is Congress who has the power to the money issued in anything. So they have the last word on the wall. 

    Only 6 Republicans sided with the president in voting that the wall should be an emergency. Maybe the rest will see when the time comes, that he isn't fit to be president. Compared to what he has done, and that hasn't come out to the public yet, what Clinton did was nothing, and yet they impeached him.   

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We’re going to start calling you “Hannity’s Echo.”
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Please take your tablets and go back to sleep.

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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