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What is your prediction of the final tally of millions that he will receive? There have been 2 lawsuits filed to date with CNN and the Washington Post for over $500 million dollars (his lawyer says that there are at least 10 more lawsuits to come).  Now I know why the kid was grinning so, and he will smile at the LEFT leaning media all the way to the bank! 

No no really bloser, I do not spend a lot of time on this site but my questions keep this website afloat :P  How many views do your questions get?

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6 Answers

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Your racism seeping through the screen makes me want to puke.

White privalage  right there 

We have met the enemy and he is us.

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No not White Privileged, just punishing those that in their bias and bigotry rushed to judgement.  


My comment was to WF not you or the article. Reading many reports of the same thing ftom left and right, no one referred to an Indian man beating off his,drum.

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I think the rush to judgement on this kid was horrific.  I also think his future is ruined in the Left Wing Elitist World of  modern Yellow Journalism. 

Now he will not get the full 250 mil in any case, I do believe he will collect after Attorney Fees at least 30 million from each.  The number of prominent Stars and Celebrities who still have not retracted their views will be on the line for slander charges.  Estimate another 20-30 million.

Fake News bites are not only produced by Trump.  My hope is these guys are taken down to the ground.

A number of times I do believe you are wrong, and some of your views bother me.  On this one he will be grinning all the way to the bank

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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When I first saw the entire video.... all I could think of is the context of it. Of course, what it looked like was a stretch from what really went down.

I didn't necessarily go either way with it. Reason being is that when there are people really taunting with an intent to demean, I look more to what happened in the 50s and 60s as the example. The Starbucks incident was worse than this because it was clear intent to demean and there's NO way I would've passed up the opportunity to take Starbucks to the cleaners on that one.

However, "there are good people on both sides". Lol.

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

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KIng tragic all around.  this will detract from the real issues of racism and inequality - sheesh


Slightly, perhaps Archer. However, in no way will this "really" negate the fact it exists and people have to deal with it everyday while trying not to let it distort who they are internally. 


I know it exists and this just waters down the issue.  Wish it wasn't so


Disagree. As long as there are true instances of it with multiple statistics across the board that back it up, this hardly waters it down. 


King I realize that you are black, but the "smirking" boy was not being racist.  He was in no way violent, and he was simply trying to stand up to the Indian who was trying to make a name for himself by smearing a young man that wore a MAGA  hat.  I am not saying that there was not any form of "racism" in  the video, but the young man didn't say a word.  He stood  his ground, without being nasty or violent.  He deserves applause, and as I have stated within this post  he will get his just due in court.

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I doubt he gets the whole $250 million, but I hope he still gets a sizable chunk. He can use that money to donate money to his school and help with some of the PR damage that was done by the retarded lynch-mob media.

CNN needs to be taken down. They are a joke of an organization that peddles nothing but Deep State Propaganda and Fake News. Even their longtime employee Larry King has said that they should not even be able to call themselves a news organization anymore.They were basically calling for that poor kid's head on a stake even though he did LITERALLY NOTHING. 

The creepy old Indian is a complete fraud too. They called him a Vietnam veteran, but he never went to Vietnam. His military service is limited to fixing refrigerators and he went AWOL several times. Now he is a professional shit disturber who runs around the country trying to trick people into doing "racist" things and then lies about it. His name should be "Chief Dances for Pennies".

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Laugh out loud, you sure are a funny guy huh? Well I hope it's a sense of humour.


Do you have the same feelings about when it's done in the other direction? 

Yes, I do.

yeah maybe not the entire $250 million from CNN, but what about the other $250 million lawsuit that he has established to the Washington Post?  His lawyer said that there will be at least 10 more after those, and he is planning on establishing new lawsuits over a period of many months.  The kid will end up a very wealthy person.


That is great news. He needs to take all those propaganda outlets to the cleaners. Hopefully this teaches people a lesson about publishing fake news.

The Covington incident woke a lot of people up about how the mainstream media is not trustworthy at all. 


More laugh out loud moments provided by the old white men 

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Safe to say for every time the news media gets it wrong, Donald Trump get's it wrong 10 times. And 'you know who' gets away with it every time. If this kid had been Trump you'd be saying Fake News.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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Absolute truth. 

Many "News" stations are trying to portray the President as a liar??  For instance when he was on the podium and he jokingly said "Russia Find HRC's Deleted Emails".  He is an outstanding speaker, and those with any sense understand perfectly what he is talking about.  Then there are those democrats that do there best to try to spin jokes into reality and say "President DJT asked his friends, the Russians to find HRC's emails" to continue to do their best to find "collusion".  HA!

The President is a proven liar. He has told over 9 thousand lies since he took office. He lies sbout things he doesn't need to lie about. He is a griffter and con man and only the dull minded or people with an agenda actually support him. People like white supremacists and racist. People like you WF.


Safe to say, biggest liar ever. It's the one thing he's good at and he's not good at that either.


And I'll tell you this, if that kid had been mine the way the arrogant little prick stood smirking into that elders face and didn't move out his way? He would be wearing that smirk on the other side of  his face and cleaning the elders drains for a month, not chasing for money.. 


GB, that "arrogant little prick" did absolutely nothing wrong. It was the "elder" who walked up to him and invaded his space. It was the elder who banged his drum inches from his face for no reason. All he did was smile. Is it wrong to smile now? If you bothered to look into the whole story, you would know that.

What would you do if a creepy old man walked up to you and started banging a drum in your face? Kiss him? Get on your knees and suck him off?

The kid is suing because he was slandered. Because people told a lie about him that triggered gullible people like you into thinking that he did something wrong, when he did not.

I am not at all surprised that you would beat your own child over doing NOTHING WRONG. I wonder how many times you have already done that.


I'd walk away, I would turn around and get out of there. I have no interest in proving a point to an old man. That arrogant little prick, and I'm glad you agree with my charactisation, not only didn't remove himself from a situation that would easily have been resolved. He wasn't smiling, he was smirking. 

And if you wish to believe I beat my son go ahead, your opinion means nothing to me,  you have proved to be amoral white priveledged asshole.


Oh no!!!! A smirk!!!! Call the police!!!! 

It was the Indian who should have removed himself. All the kid was doing was waiting for a bus. And it was a crowd, he didn't exactly have many options as far as waking away goes. Him and his classmates were also being harassed for over 45 minutes by the racist Black Israelites. 

I am proud of the kid for holding his ground.


You would as would anyone with your attitude. All his friends are joining in trying to humiliate the elder, that is clear from the video. Arrogant little prick and he will most likely get rewarded for his arrogance.

Is he even old enough to sue anybody or will it be another White Male that will have to do it?

And what harm came to little prick face and how has this impacted his future,? Apart from every one knowing he's a prick but I'm sure that's already well known


I have one word for you. Charlottesville.


They were doing school cheers, and clapping along with the drumming. Again, better call the police.

His family is suing. The lawyer even offered to represent him for free.

What harm did the smirk do to the elder? None. All he did was go on TV and tell lies and sob stories for attention, just like he did several years ago when he lied about racist kids taunting him at Eastern Michigan University, when the incident never happened. 


Well there is video proof now about what really happened and your little hero is front and centre and only white trash will look at it and think like you. The blacks were racist, the old man was racist, every one was racist except the White prick smirking and being encouraged by his pals.

I hope he gets the money then he can build a safe space and buy a petting pony.


I never called the Indian racist. Calling people "crackers" IS racist. Smirking is not racist.


And prick face did nothing, all those poor little white boys just stood there when all these scary big black men were harassing them. They just couldn't move from that bus stop for 40 odd mins, there was absolutely nowhere else to go. Nobody could phone the police or a parent or a teacher. If the media hadn't picked up on the story that little prick face would be going sbout his life as normal. But ding ding ding BENJAMINS. 

No harm was done here except, now wee prick face has a loyal following of MAGA maniacs 


The media picked up the story to demonize him and it worked. That’s why it’s an issue and that’s why he’s suing. His family has also gotten death threats.

I hope he gets his pony. Maybe if you apologize he will let you ride it.


I've just watched it again on you tube, there were 4 black guys and about 50-60 kids all shouting, jumping about and recording it on their phones. A teacher supervisor WAS there and did nothing, it was an absolute disgrace, then little prick face stood in the old man's way as he was walking towards the crowd.  Whatever prick face said, it looks really really bad..I won't be apologising for that 


The old man invaded his space. The kid did not have to move. There was no violence. “Prick face” said nothing and did nothing. Once the full story came out, dozens and dozens of apologies came rolling in from media sources and from bloggers who admitted that they got the whole thing wrong. And yet you still want his head on a platter.


Stop exaggerating  I don't think those school kids are innocent and I don't think this should lead to suing folk. Those kids were having the time of their lives and one even stripped down and jumped about in some form of hukka dance. And for prick face to say he is Catholic and that rules him out as being racist is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

Those school children behaved very badly,they enjoyed that behaviour and any teacher there should be sacked for not supervising them. Prick face was confrontational and enjoyed his time in the spotlight with his friends egging him on 

There are several videos of this going around and not one of them show prick face in a good light. No doubt he will win in court, white  it's usually do 


So I’m the one who’a exaggerating? I’m not the one having a meltdown over a kid smirking. I’m not the one who is demonizing a group of kids for doing school chants and dancing for no reason except “muh white privilege”. I’m not the one calling someone names just because they didn’t bow down and worship a creepy old con man who blatantly harassed and damn near assaulted one of them with his drum.

You are deranged.


That sounds like a very typical answer from a very unreasonable source. I'm deranged because I don't agree,. Did you watch the video? Was that a video of kids that were so upset that they need to sue to make themselves better? No it is not. It's a greedy white privalaged family jumping on the  bandwagon.  As I said before prick face is not precious and needs to be taught a lesson and that lesson is not yo stand lije a prick in the face of an elder and smirk like arrogant wee bastard.

You can get a hard on at the thought of your hated media outlets getting sued, I'll stick to reality 

Remember,you are the man that agrees that white men made civilisation so you don't get any credence from me.


I watched the video. Safe to say the kid thinks he was being clever. And looked round to his mates at one point, obviously trying to impress them. I'd like to see him stand in the way of a 22 tonne truck.


The old man is the aggressor, not the kid.

After harassing the kid, him and his posse proceeded to go to a church where he attempted to interrupt mass by banging his drum. Luckily the authorities kicked him out before he could do that.

Why is he worthy of anyone’s respect? He has a criminal record. I already mentioned he went AWOL several times while he was a refrigerator repairman in the military. He has been arrested for assault and alcohol related crimes. And now he just runs around looking for trouble. The last instance was when he lied about kids throwing a beer can at him. 

But of course when a kid smirks at him, that’s really something to get enraged over.


I would just like to point out. It takes two to Tango.


The whole point here is old white men are creaming themselves that their favourite hated media outlet is being sued so anything else is irrelevant.

That's the bottom line even though they will argue the sky is pink  


Of course they're delighted. Do the same to Trump and you're deranged.


Fear Not Jos... the young boy will get his due, and  he will in the end become extremely wealthy.


And you two get grt a hard on at last 



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Yeah what CNN did to this kid was almost as bad as what Fox did to Seth Rich’s family, and what Alex Jones did to the parents of Sandy Hook murder victims. I hope he gets at least as much as they did - a retraction and apology. 

by (2,147,370 points)

thrilled to see you are beginning to see the light jp… it just takes some longer than others.


I am shocked as well.

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