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According to them, they can't find collusion so they are going after all his other crimes and this is somehow a problem.

You can't make this shit up.

We have met the enemy and he is us.

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3 Answers

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GB yes there other crimes, however this is a Politically driven push.  Without clear evidence of a crime, the Southern District of Brooklyn is going on a fishing expedition. 

The drivers in this DOJ office are all buddies of Loretta Lynch and her Harvard cronies.  Remember Loretta Lynch who before Obama left office was given a pardon and good friend of Hilary.

Yes you cannot make this shit up.  Politics of the rich and greedy - remember the left right left.  It is now not a march, but a rythem to the political mudslinging

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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 All investigations begin without clear evidence hence the investigation. That's why people are arrested under suspicion,. 


Not in the US per se.


Really? That surprised me, here you are only suspected until a jury finds you guilty


I don’t care. That is EXACTLY how the GOP treated Bill & Hillary Clinton and Obama. If the GOP gets some of their own tactics used against them, that’s fine with me. The GOP has been playing dirty since Reagan’s days. They can all suck it. 

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Boo frickin hoo. Maybe the GOP shouldn’t have impeached Bill Clinton for lying about a BJ, which they found out about while investigating something else entirely. Karma is harsh. 

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To me that was not even worth the paper, money or time.  Ken Starr should have been burned at the stake. 

It was Hilary the shady land deals, and the dubious commodity trades at the time.  Hilary while at the Rose Law Firm wrote the Walmart screw the employee procedures which are still be used.  The Repugs at the time were and still are anti employee so they did not go there. 

Bill and NAFTA screwing the US workers is what should have been investigated. Alas the Repugs wanted to see the Unions busted up.

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Yes, isn't that something?? Mueller s report not handed in yet, and while nothing has been said yet, they're creating their own news by trying to hide Trumps other crimes.  They don't want anyone looking at his past. 

   I've never seen anything like it-- an absolute protection of a president who certainly does not deserve all the attention and adoration. 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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