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a friend's parents insist on bringing a family friend to her wedding. she and her fiance don't want him there and have told her parents. they still insist on bringing him saying 'he's like family'. how can she put her foot down and say to her parents once and for all 'he's not welcome' so they'll finally respect her and her fiance's wishes?

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7 Answers

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1.  Tell her parents they’re un-invited unless they  ditch the unwanted guest. 

2. Tell her parents there will be a security guard at the church and reception who will deny the guy entry if they bring him. 

3. Call the guy herself and tell him he’s not invited and if he comes with her parents she will have the cops escort him out 

Sometimes you just have to stop being nice and do what you’ve gotta do. Her wedding - her rules. 

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You stole my post JPT


Great minds and all that, right? I disagree with those who say it’s different if the parents are paying for the wedding. IMO it’s not different. This is STILL the bride’s and groom’s wedding and they should not have to accommodate a guest who is THAT vehemently disliked by both of them,  regardless of who’s footing the bill 


Thank you

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Everything JPT said unless her parents are paying for the wedding.

We have met the enemy and he is us.

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Are her parents paying for the wedding?

If not, they have no say because it is not their choice.

If the parents are paying for the wedding, they do have somewhat of a say...

The only way is to be stern about it and tell everyone involved that the man is not invited and if he attempts to crash the wedding, he will be escorted out. 

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I appreciate that, thank you

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CALL THE MAN and tell HIM not to come.

Brutal maybe, but what other option does she have?

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Thank you



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I am going to go against the popular opinion and say that it's a wedding! Time for celebration and party and be happy. More the merrier. Stay happy and avoid the drama. Let all enjoy!

It's not just about this one person. There will be invited people who will create all the drama and fuss anyways. The couple should try to stay away from it all and just relax and enjoy their day. That's my opinion.

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I appreciate your comment...

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Just tell them you've seen the movie Wedding Crashers and you were not impressed.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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Lol good one


Thanks. You can't beat a good comedy.


Never lol.

I love Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn together. 


Me too. I was laughing out loud. Totally.


LOL! Love that. I appreciate the comment

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It is entirely the bride and groom's choice unless parents are paying for wedding.  Even then, parents should respect their child's wishes

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Thanks so much

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