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The most commonly recommended therapies for stress/ tension/ anxiety/ depression relief are:

(1) Medication and health supplements

A number of popularly-used medication and health supplements are specifically made for treating stress/ tension/ anxiety/ depression.

(2) Relaxing music

Listening to very soothing and calming relaxing music will greatly slow down our overworked and overactive minds tremendously.

(3) Physical exercise (Weight training and calisthenics)

Participating in any type of physical activity will help to bring about stress/ tension/ anxiety/ depression relief, because when our bodies are in motion, any inner stress/ tension/ anxiety/ depression is released outwardly.

(4) Sports (Basketball, baseball, tennis, football, ice hockey, soccer, squash, swimming, gymnastics, water polo, etc)

Similar to physical exercise, playing any type of sports will help to reduce stress/ tension/ anxiety/ depression significantly.

(5) Therapy/ Counselling

Making an appointment to visit a professional therapist or professional counsellor for therapy sessions is ideal for anyone suffering from stress/ tension/ anxiety/ depression, as the professional therapist or professional counsellor is trained to assist a person to lower their stress/ tension/ anxiety/ depression.

(6) Expressing gratitude and practicing mindfulness

Expressing gratitude regularly for the good things in your life and practicing mindfulness is one of the secrets to achieving happiness and fulfillment.

It also greatly helps to eliminate stress/ tension/ anxiety/ depression experienced by anyone.

(7) Relaxing videos

Watching relaxing videos that contain scenes of peaceful and quiet environments and landscapes helps to calm over very active stressed out minds and bodies.

(8) Comedy TV shows and movies

Watching any comedic TV shows and movies will cause people to smile and laugh out loud.

Laughter is the best medicine when it comes to making people feel more happy and relaxed.

(9) Writing a diary/ journal

Writing whatever problems that you face in life in a diary or a journal is an excellent way to vent your frustrations in a safe way.

You can write whatever that you want in a diary or a journal and it is 100% safe.

(9) Yoga/ Pilates/ Meditation

Practising yoga/ pilates/ meditation is a wonderful way to help anyone to clear out their stressed out, tense and depressive minds.

(10) Reading

Reading self-help/ self-improvement books on how to achieve a more successful life will help anyone to feel better, as the more knowledgeable that a person becomes, the more they will feel at peace with themselves.

Knowledge is power and with more knowledge comes a more contented state of mind.

(11) Healthy diet

Eating a very healthy diet that consists mainly of a lot of different vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamins and minerals will help people to detoxify their bodies.

(12) Taking a vacation or a holiday

Taking a well-deserved vacation or a holiday will rest our tired minds and exhausted bodies completely.

We will feel rejuvenated after a long vacation or a long holiday at a secluded vacation or holiday resort. 

Just do it - Nike.

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Lifting weights.


Slow deep breathing.


Working on designs.

Playing with my fur baby.

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Deal with whatever's causing the problem, or it'll continue preying on your mind while you're doing all those or immediately after you stop. 

Never open doors if you don't dare to walk on through ...

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All of the above would help find a solution 

We Rise By Lifting Others!

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I go ride my therapist or take my medication for a walk.

Don't take life so seriously. It's not like any of us are getting out alive!!

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in reality.....

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Stress, anxiety, tension, depression, etc., are neurological issues that are not unknown to anybody. Facing such kinds of issues can affect normal functioning. Such health issues can be lessened with the help of a nootropic called Modafinil. It elevates mood and improves the brain's functioning. 

To know more in detail, visit this link:

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