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When my son was in primary school, I think he was about 6/7 he wanted to take a packed lunch to School.

So off he went all packed up and I went up work blah blah. Anyway at the end of the week I got a letter from the school telling me I owed a weeks lunch money as I hadn't given him any!!@@ 

He was going for lunch and having his home brought..

He has grown into a 6ft 5 . Stick thin man but he can still eat as much 

We have met the enemy and he is us.

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3 Answers

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He'll be 3 in May so I'm sure I'm in for much more to come, right now it has been just massive fits in public. He's slapped me, thrown my glasses on the floor leaving me blind in the middle of stores, hair pulling. It has gotten better as he's gotten older. 
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Is that your boy 3 already? Jeeso  I remember when you were carrying him. Where does all the him a go?.


I have no clue where the time goes. I ran across a picture the other day that my husband had taken of the two of us right after he was born while we were nursing for the first time and I'd forgotten how little he had been. At his last doctor's appointment he was already over half my height and I'm not a short woman. 

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On what day, on what minute.  We have twins, one male, on female starting the twos phase.......... You have not had kids have you

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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Yes I have 3, two step and one mine

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I'll never forget the time I was at a supermarket with my two girls. We were at the checkout line when my Jackie spotted a woman who had a dark moustache. I wanted to crawl into a hole when she yelled out, "Mommy, that woman has a moustache!  " and then laughed out loud as if she had just been told a hilarious joke. She was about 4.  Thank God, the woman had not heard her, or was too busy to hear what she said. 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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