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It has been wonderful to peruse the "old favorites" that have been posted in other threads, but I started thinking, "What's that 'new' song you've heard recently that made you sit up and take notice, one you've said, 'Wow! Everyone should hear this!'?"

So... if you've come across a song recently that you don't think others really "know about," and you think it's "share-worthy," let us hear it!  Thanks in advance!

Here's my contribution that I just discovered in the past week:  a group called Darlingside.  Here's my favorite cut (so far) from them:  "Go Back"

Lyrics Are:

We were always on our way
Rolling up our sleeves
Ever moving forward
In the tracks where we lived our simple lives
Kept our blinders on
Eyes to the horizon
I know I'm no doctor but I know
You can't live in the past
But the only way to go is to go back
And return to who we were
Before we disappeared
Into the thick of big ideas
Now we can see the sweeping view
But we're waiting out the storm
Stuck under the awning
I know I'm no doctor but I know
You can't live in the past
But the only way to go is to go back
Into everglades, greener yesterdays, skip the stones away
Go back to the start, photos in the darkroom before they fade

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In the 80's I was going to concerts on a weekly basis. Reading NME and buying albums from up and coming bands. Like Guns n' Roses lol. Read about them before they even released Appetite for Destruction.

James was unheard of when I saw them live on their first tour. Their biggest hit was probably Sit Down.

The below is a goodie.

'Laid' by ~James

Life is what you make it.

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Nice! I like it!

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I like it, very nice.

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That would have to be one I heard on the radio some days ago tbat I really liked. Here it is: 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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Very danceable.  Sounds a little like a 21st century version of Dee Dee Sharp. :-)


I guess so!  That came on the radio, sounds so much better in the car where you withe the sound, such as the bass... never heard it before. Good song. 

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