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People don't like different much do they?

Peace through peace.

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3 Answers

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They should send them all to the liberals.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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Sanctuary restaurants...

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I think it isn't so much about them being vegan and wanting to live healthier, but it is more that most vegans feel the need to tell you that they are vegan....and then judge you and get nasty with you if you don't believe in living the way that they do. Hypocrisy. They think they are better than non-vegans, my brother sure has that attitude as well! (He's a vegan)  

by (179,650 points)
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some meat eaters love to get into vegans business and lecture them that they are not getting all their nutrients - as if it's their darn business.

and some vegans are just as annoying with their high horse attitude.

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