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There is a debate going on in the group. The debate is whether or not it is rude/uncalled for, for someone in the group to give an opposing opinion of a restaurant if someone (the OP) is discussing the restaurant in a positive light. What do you think?

MY OPINION: I think that it is good/okay for people to give their opposing opinion, in a healthy manner. What I mean by that, is that I feel that it is okay to disagree with someone else's "positive" perspective AS LONG AS there is no insulting. 

For example: OP- "This taco place is so amazing. You should check it out sometime!"

Group member commenting: "That was one of the worst taco places I've ever been to. I like this other taco place better. Glad that you seemed to enjoy it, though!"

Rude or not?

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Like good old Buffer would say. People just want you to agree, in the main, but not always. Evidence of which you can see here and back on old AO.

It takes a big person to take on-board what others have to say and a lot of people can't handle being wrong.

With that said different opinions should be a good thing.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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You are so right. Great points. "If you can't take the heat, stay out the kitchen!" LOL

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Not rude, but not the most gracefully worded answer, either.  Perhaps "I can't agree with that.  I much prefer the Tacos at Tacos R US (for example)"

I agree with you.  Opposing views are fine, but try to present with tact for the feelings of the OP (original Poster, for those who may not have known.)

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I agree with that completely. For the most part, most of the people in the group can handle opposing opinions. There are some snotty food critics in the group that start insulting people who don't agree with their opinion, those are the ones who need a talking to lol. 

The group is ran by writers who work for a major newspaper in Florida and some of the top food critics, I am the youngest in the group who is a regular, old, Joe Shmo. The writers once told me that they are very impressed by me and I have a future in writing and food criticism, and that I am very well-spoken. I took that as a major compliment. LOL I do not know it all, but I know a little bit about a lot of things. 


It IS a major compliment!  REVEL in it!   :-)

I've been told I have a future in food consumption.....  ;-)

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I agree with you. Simply expressing an opinion in itself is not rude. Rudeness is based on how it's expressed.

People have different taste in food. If it's your business then listen to customers instead of getting offended. If it's not your business then mind your own. 

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Yes, exactly! It is all in the way the idea is expressed, not so much that someone disagrees. Too many people get offended over everything, life's too short! 


I am a foodie. Everything from three Michelin stars to street food carts. I do occasionally leave reviews, usually when it's exceptionally outstanding or really bad. But I am always honest and provide reasons for bad reviews. 


Same here. I feel that honest feedback is always a good thing. It can help businesses to improve. It becomes a mute point when insults start occurring rather than a factual debate, in a polite manner. 

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Some people take things so personally. The positive one can take  the negative like it was an attack. 

Peace through peace.

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I agree! Disagreements are bound to happen, as not everyone shares the same views or perspectives. Wouldn't it be a boring world if everyone had only one view? I think it would be.


Yes it would be boring, as boring as it would be if we couldn't laugh at the ridiculous.

E.G, staying on the foodie thread.

I can't count how many times someone has tasted something and said urghh that's disgusting, do you want it?  Eh? LOL 


Lol Very true!! 

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