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The world is alot healthier without the use of social media imo. 
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Problem in chair not in computer. PICNIC.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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In moderation and with a healthy dose of scepticism I think you can reduce the risk of social media driving you insane.

I always remember that everyone can be who they want to be on the internet and keep a certain distance. Give something, retain more 

Peace through peace.

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This is such a great question. The answer is yes and no. Although, I personally believe that there are more negatives to social media than positives. 

What IS healthy about social media (positives): 

-Getting to connect with friends or family who may live far away. 

-Getting to share in someone's special milestones or moments in life.

-Being able to see photos of someone that you may not get to see often. 


-Networking opportunities.

-Social media gives people the ability to use it as a platform to reach a wide range of people for things such as missing persons, pets, reviews, for feedback, or injustices that occur.

What IS NOT healthy about social media (negatives):

-Easier access to fall victim to cyberbullying, pedophilia, internet scams, stalkers, abusers, or haters.

-Allows people in on the most private moments of your life. It allows a lot of unwelcomed guests; people who you no longer want to associate with. 

-Easier access for the past to come back to haunt you.

-Makes infidelity/cheating more accessible.

-Easier accessibility for sexual predators/criminals to commit crimes.

-Gives people a false sense of reality. Most people only post about the good things going on in their lives. Which leads everyone else to believe that someone elses life is perfect, when in reality it is not.

-Often destroys self esteem in many people. People feel they have to live up to certain beauty standards, income standards, or travel standards of others. Too much comparison of people who think they are better than others, rather than people focusing on their own lives.

-Often creates unnecessary drama and allows room for people to say things to others, that they would otherwise not dare to say in person. Aka, keyboard warriors.

Technology is good and bad.

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I agree. However, technology is developed by and taken advantage of by humans.


Very thoughtfully put, BMind!  :-)


Thank you! :)


Excellent answer, BMind.


Thanks Amy! :)


Another wonderful answer from WonderfulMind. No joke.


Very well put.  It boils down to the person and their judgment while using.


Thank you Blue & Wudaddy. I agree, it is up to the person.


I tried not to copy from your extravagantly elaborated explanation. 


Lol! Thank you, King. I tried! 

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It is, but with all of its good qualities, it feeds into a person's bad qualities.

Too many people care what others think.

Too many can see everything you do on social media.

If you just like a page, people see that.  You comment, they see that too, and they butt in.

If people spent as much time solidifying their lives in private as they take on social media, there wouldn't be as much comparing with others

Time is simply how we live our lives-Craig Sager

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I agree. As a private person, I am thinking of taking mine down. 

   I especially dislike how careless people are on theirs. When my sister goes on vacation, she posts it. That gives ideas to predators on when they can invade homes. 

    Never liked it, I do use it to keep tabs on family around the world and for family reunions is all. 


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Social media in itself is inanimate and thus, not to blame for societal ills. The medium itself is just another lane of how certain interactions influence what we do.

Bullying has always happened. So has human trafficking. 

I can't blame Facebook for cyberbullying nor sex workers soliciting tricks. That happened before it even existed and will continue to.

How you use it is everything.

People can organize charity events and family reunions with social media. People can also harass or stalk their exes with social media.

More about the character than the computer in this instance.

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

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