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It's yellow and sweet to the taste.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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I wish! She was quite humorous!

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Thanks ill take this as a compliment :). Ive taken my Ls, lets move on. 


What's Ls? 

Losses. Which they may have been. These are not the first instances where ive been humiliated guess i just need to move on. 

That's it? You are gonna give up? I say arrange a bigger fight. Invite us all. We will cheer for you. I always support underdog anyways 


Im not the underdog im taller, i didnt give up she dunked me twice thats enough. 


You are used to it. Next time go hungry. Make strategy. Convert it to win win. 


Hilarious you


Moorelolly, I really like you lol


I like her too. I like both of you. I also like the girl in her trainers  


Yous literally mock me everyday. Custard this.  Custard that.. sandals this.. sandals that.. i had a pedicure on the day of the second one thats why they were on again. Ive worn trainers everyday since and in between the first and second one. 


You are well prepared now

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