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Great golf tourney!  Who thinks Tiger will overtake Jack Nicklaus with the most number of Major wins?  As of today it is 15 to 18.  I am betting on Tiger.  

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No you don't get to act like a normal person,  not since you exposed yourself as a fool.

Peace through peace.

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glas get a life - I will be sure to send you pictures of sunny Florida


I have a great life, in fact my life is so good I don't have to act like a fud on the internet.  

Don't come on here acting like a dick for the majority of time then think you're all buddy buddy when you feel like it.

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How's the back?

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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I am taking anti-inflammatory medication, and will just have to bare the pain in Fla

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Maybe.  I think not.  He has to get lucky 4 more times before his back fails completely.  I dont see it.  I have had back surgery.  It is never as good as new.  But good luck to him.  And congratulations.

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you would know having had back surg.  he played well today, and he will have 3 more chances just this year alone.  I probably wouldn't bet on it, but I am rooting for the guy.  He has inspired millions to play and excel at golf.   He recreated the entire sport really...


That is me.  I root for the guy.  Not much in expectations, but maybe it will happen again.

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I think Tiger will win. He's a good player. 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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