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a regular flavor? 

    I just had a little pistachio ice cream by Valenti. Chock full of pistachio chunks. Mmmm, good. Which is your fav? 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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4 Answers

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We have tablet flavour with little bits of tablet through it. Its a dentist delight.

We have met the enemy and he is us.

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Say what??  What on earth is tablet flavor? 


Tablet is a Scottish sweetie. Its made from sugar butter condensed milk and vanilla flavouring. It looks like fudge but is sweeter .

I can make it but haven't for years.


Tablets here are medicine, like Tylenol or aspirin. Thats why I thought, oh no!

You'll never guess what I made last week. 


PS that sounds like flan here.




No, but I made that for my students who never had any. 

   I made custard!   Lol


I love custard. I could eat it every day 


It came out really nice. Maybe you'd like flan, too. Here is the recipe I followed: I made it as a sauce to put on cake. But I let it get a little thicker.



Hmm I'll try that but I'll let a skin form, that's the best bit. That's the bit we fought over as kids lol.




Sounds like tablets would make my teeth hurt LOL.

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Butter pecan.  Yum.

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I like that, too. 

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Coffee or ginger. Ginger ice cream pairs well with apple crisp, apple pie and similar sweet desserts.

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Never heard of ginger ice cream. Coffee I've had. Is ginger good?  It sounds like it might have a bit of spiciness. 

    I once had avocado ice cream in Puerto Rico. It was good! This place had all sorts if tropical ice cream, plantain, coconut, even wine or a rice and beans one. 

It has a pleasant kick to it. I'm guessing it varies by who makes it, I had it when my husband and I went to a burlesque show in London. 

I have had ginger before and it's indeed very good. Can't remember though if it was ice cream or ginger sorbet. Been a while.


Born, a burlesque show!  Was that fun? 

You wouldn't believe the shows they have in Amsterdam. Not that I went!


It was. I try to get the husband to a show a year. The burlesque was my choice for my 22nd birthday, I was 7.5 months pregnant at the time and probably would have had more fun had I not been but it was a good show.

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Lavender Mascarpone at the Bent spoon in Princeton. And Paan Masala (Indian flavor, beetle leaves) from various locations in NJ. 

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That Lavender Mascarpone sounds good. In Columbus (Ohio) I once had a lavender and berries mix one, and the wild berries were supposedly from forests there. 

Was the Paan Masala spicy? Beetle leaves? 


Lavender is really good. Try Bent Spoon if you are ever in Princeton. They have many not so ordinary flavors.

Paan Masala is not spicy. It's a very unique flavor. In India, people put stuff in the leave, fold it and eat it. Its more of a sweeter taste.

The other one that I like is alphanso mango. 


I like lavender too, the flavor and the actual flowers are pretty.  

I will have to try Bent Spoon. I've been to Princeton only a few times before, but not to eat. There is a famous ice cream parlor chain in Columbus (Ohio) called Jenni's Splendid Ice Creams that has very creative flavors. That's where I got my lavender one. 

I always thought you were from NY, not Jersey.  I am going to try and visit all places I will miss when I move before I go, like Cape May, the shore areas, etc. 


I am from central jersey. 

Where are you heading? If you don't mind me asking 


Im going to.join my daughters in Columbus, Ohio. Little big city, with lots of suburbs around it that belong to Columbus. I've been there many times visiting. Will take awhile to get used to the accent and surroundings. Pretty nice people though, down to earth. 

I am in Union County,  not sure if that is central or not. 

   You are probably my neighbor down the street! Lol


Ohio is nice... Laid back. Spent a year in Toledo. People have a lot of time on hand. Not as fast as here.

Good luck with the move. Jersey will miss you. Especially I will miss peeping into your backyard with binoculars .. Lol


Yes, it is nice. Very spaced out and laid back as you say. Although Columbus is a very "young" university town so hopefully I'll find lots to do. 

  Aw, thanks. Ill miss NJ. Will come back to visit family. I hate to think of the ride there though. Imagine traveling with a dog and 2 cats! 

   Aha!  So YOU were the one I spotted with binoculars! Ha!


Its not a long drive. Make a stop in PA if you don't feel comfortable driving 8 hours. I used to drive almost every weekend from OH to NJ. 


Yes, I did the whole ride only twice, but I normally stop around Harrisburg, PA. There is a pet friendly hotel there I'll be stopping at. To Columbus it normally takes 9 hours. 

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