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How much do you need to live comfortably?

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$20, but 12-15 can be managed I would think.  NJ

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Our living wage comes out about $12. Its not that good yo be honest but will pay your bills and you can eat 

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I was used to a good salary when I worked. But it went quickly on mortgage, bills, etc.  In New Jersey you need more than minimum wage for sure, especially if you own a home. 

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Probably somewhere between $17-$18 an hour. I make $16/hour  plus get time and a half for overtime and typically put in 4-5 hours of overtime a week though some weeks I have as much as 15 hours of overtime. Last year, inclusive of  overtime, my hourly wages ended up averaging out to about $17 an hour after taxes despite inclement weather closing our office for about two weeks. And we have comfortably lived off that amount. 

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For Dallas, decent for a single person I'd say is around $17-$18/HR.  Add $2 more per child, $5 per spouse/SO lol.

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On retirement, my wife and I get about $30K.  We can live on that but we own the house so have no rent, and heat with wood which is free.  That translates to about $15 an hour.  In Washington state, the minimum wage is about $10 going to $15.  It is $15 over in Seattle.

I think a reasonable wage would be $20 if you had to pay rent, buy a car, and eat.  Lol.  When I worked I got about $60 per hour.   Retirement was a change.

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