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Hi everybody, this is my first time posting on this site so apologies if I mess something up. Basically i needed some advice. To give some background, I am currently 18 and a senior in high school. Back when I was a junior, I had to go to my church every Sunday for the school year so that I could get confirmed into the church in the April at the end of junior year. Basically there was a girl in the confirmation group I got a massive crush on and never got the balls to talk to. I'm really quiet so I dont think i really talked to anyone in the group that much, so that could potentially be a liability idk. the thing is, after i got confirmed and stopped going to church (which i regret, but between work and school i didnt have time) i never saw her anymore, since she went to a different school than me. i thought i would just get over it but i never did and i still feel like i have a big crush on this girl. the thing is she graduates when i do, in less than a month, so time is kind of running out. i have her snapchat/other social media so i could get in touch with her at any time, but i dont really know what to do. is it creepy to still be crushing on someone after this long? should i just try to forget about it or should i maybe get in touch and if so what should i do? thanks yall if anyone reads all of this.

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I say go for it. But don't make it obvious. You follow her on snap chat and other sites. So strike a casual conversation first. Reply to one of her post and ask her how she has been. Then bring up the past experiences and what's going on currently. And then get her number and float the idea of meeting up.

BTW, you are young. You will meet other girls if this doesn't happen.

Good luck 
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ok thanks. i can do that, one of the main concerns i have is that she won’t remember who i am (i haven’t even seen her for about a year.) would it still be a good idea?


Yes, still a good idea. Send a casual message that reminds her... Something like "hey... That's a good snap, haven't spoken with you since church. How's it going ... Blah blah blah".

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In this case, time has been on your side.  You are not hitting on.her because of the church or class.

In any situation, you need to examine the downside.  There is very little downsde.  If you ask her out and she says no, it is fine.  That is where you are now.  

So ask her out.  Who knows.  Maybe she has a secret crush on you.

Just do it.

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ok thanks for responding. is it weird to do that over snapchat/instagram/etc instead of in person? i haven’t seen her in a long time and i don’t even know where she goes during the day, and even if i found out i’m concerned that might be kind of creepy lol.


It would be creepy to find out where she goes.  Use the medium that you are familiar with.

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I agree with going for it. There is nothing creepy about it because you know her already and have her on social media. The worst that can happen is she says no, then you will know where you stand and you won't have regrets about "what if." Good luck :)

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thanks for the response! the thing is i’m not sure i know her that well, again i never talked to her really and i’m honestly not 100% sure she knows my name or would recognize me (especially since i got rid of my glasses and grew my hair longer since then). is that enough?


You never know if you don't try. 

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Hello again everybody! Not sure if this is how this works but the situation has changed and I need some more advice lol. Basically she posted on her social media that she was quitting all social media, and she gave out her phone number on it so I texted her basically to ask if she remembered who I was. She texted back (several hours later) that she did and that we had met in church. I asked her if she had kept going to church after I had left and she didn’t respond. Not sure how to take this, does this mean I did something wrong or that she probably just didn’t like me in the first place? Thanks again y’all 

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