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I've been having a really hard time lately. 

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Meditation helps a lot. It's difficult to start but try to focus. 

What has helped me though is picking up a hobby. I divert all my attention to it and it helps my mind forget about other things. I have been learning music. The fact that I have to take lessons from a guru and give in completely to the art, is very relaxing to mind and body. Learning music is my form of meditation. 

Early morning jogging or walks also helps refresh your day. 

Stay away from medicines, weed, alcohol. They will make it worst. 

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Well said




Thank you! I have never done/used drugs or any of that, so I am good in that department lol. I have no interest in that stuff. Your response is very helpful, thank you! :)

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There are many things that can help. I'm sure you know a lot. The one basic thing that works for me is distraction and to interrupt my chain of thought. Because once you've done that you are no longer worrying about what is making you anxious. I put some music on, get up and make a drink, take a look outside. The list of things you can do instead of worrying is endless and don't rule out anything beyond the obviously bad ideas.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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Thank you, Blue. I try to find things that distract me so that I can focus on something else. It does help! 

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All good advice given you here. I listen to music or go out with good company, play a game with someone, and also exercise helps. Yoga is great for that. Anything to keep your mind off what youre worrying about. Just keep busy. 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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Thank you, Amy :) I also like to go out and keep busy, and listen to music. Exercise does help, as well. For me, the more I stay in the house the worse it gets. Getting out is definitely a relief. 


Definitely get out of the house more. You get energized just being outdoors. Do you live near parks? Go for walks and breathe fresh air. Cures all. 

   A friend of mine long gone now once told me, "Never let your heart grow sad".  It's ok to grieve for things and that's normal, but you've got to come up for air at some point, so to speak. 


Your friend was very wise. That is so true :) 

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Keeping a clean/clear environment helps me. Decluttering and reorganizing things so they are easier to find helps me a lot. 

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Thank you! Cleaning and de-cluttering also helps me. I can't stand having clutter around, it makes me feel worse. You are so right about that. :)

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Exercise, yoga, meditation all help me.  I clear my head on my morning runs, I focus on the Resident Labradors (expensive), and finally I retreat to the kitchen.  Cooking for friends, family or myself I find calming.

I know you had a rough go of it a few months back, and if I remember right you are graduating or just graduated.  These are items which can drive you nuts, throw in family and Italian Mothers guilt trips you have good reason to have anxiety over a number of issues.

Now I will trade you even up, you get the next 2K readings of Green Eggs and Ham.  There is also a lot more, however the runs and yoga help me.  A partner helps also a partner adds to the anxiety.  Adulting is never easy, woke is never easy,

PM if you need to chat less formally

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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Thank you so very much, Arch. Your response is like you can read my mind lol. Very helpful words. I really appreciate it :) And yes, it has been very rough. Always one thing after the next. AMEN to the Italian mother adding more anxiety to the situation! lol 

It would be nice to have a partner, the key is in finding the right person. Supporting one another is so important :) Sounds like you and your wife have it down. I know all about how the wrong person will make anxiety worse. 


Beautifulmind the Doc and I are not married, we are parents however.  We have been married before and never again.  We have an age difference which is one of the reasons. also we will not put our personal assets at risk. 

The contracts and wills our attorneys have drawn up are enforceable on both sides of the pond if we ever split.  However neither one of us will right a check for 1/3 of our assets to the State ever again.  Throw in we both are recovering Catholics and are loathe to let the Church dictate again any facet of our lives.

Now she pursued me, and used our mutual running friends to keep throwing us together.  When the Residents were pups she came over after a race and never left.  The twins were a mutual decision, ok we were planning on one and got two.  We are committed to each other, but give each other space.  Now cold feet in the middle of the night still shock me wide awake

The downside she is a Surgeon and sometimes reviews work videos in the kitchen while I am cooking.  In 4 years my stomach has gotten quite strong. 

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Lol, first I find it easy to be mellow since I don't work, lots of stress relief in being idle, and not working I have little money.  With little money you just decide how to spend it and you are done.  You make your expenses equal your income.  At my age you need to eat less and no one cares how shabby you dress.

But back in the day when it mattered, I just followed some good advice that I had received.  You put all of the stresses into two piles.  Those that you can do something about, or have some influence over,and those that you cannot.

If you cannot change the outcome, don't stress over it.  It turns out that most things are in that category. 

The things that you have some control over is the smallest number.  Pick one or two that seem most important or you have the most impact on, and try to work on those.  Ignore the others until you get time or the importance goes up.

Worked for me.

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Great advice. We can only handle so much. 

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Kratom has been increasing in popularity recently. It's a plant and is a legal health supplement in most states.  Alabama has a problem with it.  I'm not sure about outside of the US.  Some people say it relaxes them and lessens stress and anxiety.  Some say it helps them sleep.  Other types of kratom are more energetic, like the equivalent of drinking a coffee.

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The best thing for anxiety is to have someone who is "there" for you, someone who understands where you are in life and how you are feeling.  Someone who has been there and who may not have all the answers, but someone who listens and bonds with you emotionally.  That is someone who will help you share the load.  You will find your anxiety is less than half the load if you can share it with a friend who understands.  It means two of you are carrying the burden, and that is a release all of its own.

If you need someone, I'm sure there are many of us here on this site who would be willing to lend an ear or two and a shoulder or two.  I know when *I* am feeling anxious, it helps to share.  And when it seems nothing else helps, there is this (for me, anyway):

Footprints in the Sand poem:

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I always remember that poem.  When you are drowning, hand over your troubles to God. 


... but don't forget to keep swimming and hold your breath...


Haha! Good one.
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