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I can remember back in 2016 telling many lame brains on this site that many in the Obuma "gang" will wear pinstripes at some point.  Ha I can also remember all of you telling me how crazy I was, and that HRC was going to win the Presidency!!  Has anyone kept up and heard about how US AG Barr Assigning U.S. Attorney in Connecticut, John H. Durham to Review Origins of Russia Inquiry?  As I have been saying on this site for years, it is just a matter of time.  HRC, Comey, Lynch, both lovebirds, and potentially even Barak are going to be facing the music... and they will NOT be dancing!  MingAGA

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The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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A lot of people come on here to help others that need genuine advice and have my total respect. You Mister I told you so get none. And it got old a long time ago.

Just Relax and have Fun with it.

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it got old as soon as you realized I was right all along.  I think that you have quickly forgotten about the smears I laughingly endured on this site for years while I was trying to provide the rest of you the sincere truth.  I only like to keep up with American politics, and I want to be sure that many on this site can realize their misunderstanding.  Nothing but Olive Branches from we Republicans as I have always said.




Yes, WF, of course you were trying to provide us with the sincere truth. So were the Russian spies interfering with the 2016 election. All in the name of democracy, right?


Wake isn't interested in the truth. He's only interested in saying I told you so. Big difference.


True. Maybe he’s a bot. 

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Wake, look at the pardons Obama handed out......  L Lynch was on the list.  Now the talking heads will be employed, we will be distracted, to what end.

I know where you are coming from, however you are either ignoring the game or you do not know it. 

On a different note how was the World of Disney, did the car get repaired, and what is going on in Chapel Hill?  Inquiring minds want to know. 

BTW, we are on different ends of the spectrum, i do however respect you for your opinions

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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Actually, it would be old if you were ever right.  But except for the asshole winning the election, I think you are wrong all the time.  That gets old.

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Wellone remember where there is smoke there may be a fire.  I believe both sides of the Aisle are dirtier than a Pigs Sty.  Obama came up through the Chicago Political Machine, which is a survival school all in itself


There may be fire.  But how does that mean anything?  The whole fisa system sucks.  Being from chicago means you are from chicago.  We are talking about wake be right once in a blue moon and crowing about it on a daily basis.  You are talking about indians and oranges.

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Hey WF, 

Why don’t you have a sip of moonshine to that? I heard the Russians will force everyone to drink vodka instead when they officially take over. 

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But but but you said no collusion no obstruction and you got that 100% wrong... then you said Americans were better off due to the tax break and 70%  still live pay check to pay check and 73 % couldn't withstand a 400 dollar emergency. You said health care would be bigger and better and millions of Americans lost their cover. You said a wall will be built...hmmm

And HRC hasn't been in public office since what '13? And you're still obsessed with her.

See you're not the only one paying attention, it's just you are looking the wrong way because you're a cult and not a political party.

Drink the cool aid Wake, it keeps us amused.

If you see me jogging, kill whatever is chasing me

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When he says he was right all along, I think he meant wrong.


you are still in denial?  let  me clear this up... I realize you're from another country, but try and follow

But but but you said no collusion no obstruction and you got that 100% wrong...


then you said Americans were better off due to the tax break and 70%  still live pay check to pay check and 73 % 


You said health care would be bigger and better and millions of Americans lost their cover. 


You said a wall will be built



Bluezer try and follow along... I just still continue to laugh about this, but again let me spell this out as well.  Per question asked I get and have gotten THE MOST RESPONSE on this entire site for YEARS no question... consider that another olive branch.


Spin. How many times does it need to be said tunnels have been used and will be used. A wall won't work and the majority of illegal immigration issues are people over staying on their visa. You haven't got a clue mate.


Mate the Administration is not and has not been claiming a wall will be the end all be all.  We WILL be better off WITH THE WALL than without the wall, and besides that was not even the context of this conversation... she tried to tell me that the wall is not being built, and I was just again reminding her I TOLD YOU SO


JPT has the most responses. You're not even in the top 20 mate.


Listen up Wake and read up, everything you said is false. Get out of your echo chamber and live in the real world.

The average American middle/working class are not feeling the benefit of the "best economy in the history of our country ", their wages haven't kept up, they live pay check to pay check, an emergency would plunge them into crisis and their personal debt level is worst now with student loans and credit cards.

These are the facts that you are ignoring 

The trade war has crippled the farmers and the average American will have to pay for the tariffs.

Your cult leader is up the backside of every despot in the world. And the only countries not affected by Trumps trade war are. U AE, Saudi Arabia, Russia, NK...see a pattern? No you're not sophisticated enough.

It makes no difference to me if Barrack, HRC et all go to jail, I could give a shit but just because they might be criminally corrupt doesn't mean your Fuhrer isn't.

Wake up Wake your acting like a baby.


JP spends her life online.  She has posted a million more questions (as she has a million more questions regarding life than I) than I have posted... THAT IS WHY SHE HAS MORE RESPONSE.  I tried  to spell out context, but it is hard to help you be aware I guess?



 "I get and have gotten THE MOST RESPONSE on this entire site"

You're contradicting yourself.


Wake everyone comes to look at you getting your arse kicked. You are the class clown. You are the worst political commentator ever as you're too unsophisticated to understand the real issues.

You my friend are the AOR village idiot, a position you thrive on as you continually come back for more. 

If any right wing Trump supporter is  looking in they see your idiocy and hide in shame, not one has tried to show solidarity with you.

How did you ever get to the age you are with your complete ignorance?


Oh glas you are just STILL bewildered that you were and always will be wrong about your claims about something that which you know nothing.   YOU DON'T EVEN LIVE HERE for goodness sake!  Please stop your attempt at trying to disclose your "facts" that you must be getting off BBC!  I am happy now to see that you have relinquished Obuma and HRC's innocence...  it took me several years just to help you understand that!  Stick with me kid, and I will continue to help you come to grips with the truth.


Wake dont flatter yourself as again YOU are too unsophisticated to comprehend what i meant. You show yourself up every time.

Do you ever wonder where it all went wrong? When you used to be a respected and well recieved member of the community and now you're just a joke.

I could list all the reasons why  ex allies will pay close attention to everything Trump does but you won't understand it, it's too complicated for your cult brain.

Let's face it you and well every one else are on different levels. Stop showing yourself up.


HAVE A GREAT TIME on the internet asking silly questions all day glas!  I will be busy making a real difference in the world with my life.  It is almost 6:30am here in  America.  I am going to exercise before I begin my glorious career, and then I will be enjoying myself this evening with friends, showing pictures of the wonderful vacation from which I just returned.  Try to at least take a shower today...


There you go, you're a Trump followers through and through, when you cant answer the issues put to you you lie, lie and exaggerate. Well it's your funeral, it's your country you are watching crumble like all empires do. It gives me no pleasure but I'd like to see your face when it eventually collapses.

“JP spends her life online” says the guy who begs for validation by total strangers, bragging about your money and posting photos to try and prove you’re not the pathetic loser you appear to be....

You missed the bit about making a real difference.


Hey JP!  I knew I could get a response! How many view did you get accounting for every question that you asked today?   Why don't you fill us in on that one blue!


Hey Wake you attention whore. JPT. didn't ask any questions today..

P.M.S.L. still losing 


Wake. I've explained this before about view counts. If anyone else gives a shit. View counts are unique. A question could be viewed 1,000 times by the same person and the view count would read 1. Doofus.


Your glorious career as a professional clown? Your wonderful vacation to Disney where you probably stood in line to shake hands with Mickey Mouse and his gang? Enjoy the photo showing session. Hopefully these people are in your own mental age range and there won’t be too many snores during the slideshow. 


Again Bluezer you are acting just like a Democrat spinning what I say... you are leaving out what I have said all along "per question" asked I DO have the most responses by a MILE!


I don't really care to be honest. If you want to post a load of crap that's fine. More hits per month makes the site look good.


I have been telling you that for years.  All those times I have told you "you're welcome"... I am glad you were finally able to see the light in this regard.  I am looking forward to when you really come to grips with true reality:)


I've always said that as the site owner. Jillopo, AFirecracker and a few more that got away with murder because at the end of the day I see things from a different perspective. You over estimate your importance and impact.


where are jillopo and afirecracker… or did you terminate them because they disagreed?


and I hate to think that anyone would consider me "getting away with murder" because I am not the instigator most often anyway... I just speak The Truth, and there are plenty on here that just "can't  handle the truth".


No mate. I've had a few leave because I disagreed though. And you talk to people like they're something you just trod in.


Definitely, "speak the truth" who are you trumps side kick? I woudnt give you the dust off my sandle. You talk to people on here as if you are far superior and have a inflated ego. People dont like trump because hes a bully, racist, sexist pig you need to see this not just palm it off on "telling the truth" because you are not. You are spreading hate, im not perfect and people on here dont like me either because i got dunked in custard etc or im a little cocky but atlesst i see what you and most your country should be seeing. Hes a clown with a bad tan. Your just a clown. 


Oh and wake DO NOT IGNORE ME dude.


Omg, we love moorelolly, there isn't a soul who doesn't..  We used to love Wake until he turned into a Trumpett.

We don't dislike republicans we recognise that Trump has destroyed the GOP and regret that.

Jillopo was a decent solid moral person, she chose not to be here, we respect and miss her.

Jill if you're watching come back.


Im just telling it like it is. Crazy though i left because i thought i wasnt liked haha. 

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My bet offer to you is still open.  Take it or shut up about it.

by (610,770 points)

In case you forgot what I said earlier, here it is:

Put your money where your mouth is, Wake.  I will go official right here, right now.  

You will NOT see either one of them in jail.  To put an "end" on this, let's make it one year from today.

My bet to YOU is $100.00.  I will pay YOU $100 for each of them who go to jail. YOU will pay ME, if, after one year from today, 28 Apr 2019, neither of them are in jail, $100.00 for each one.

That's a total bet of $200.00.  If you're actually BELIEVE this tripe you post here, put your money where your mouth is.  How about it, Wake?

Declaration:  I will donate the $200.00 I get from this bet to help Blue finance Answerology.  Wake, you can do whatever you want with the money if you win.


OH Mede I expected more from you!  I mean, telling me "shut up about it"?  I am only being honest posting questions every now and again. It is only virtual reality, try not to let things like this get to you.  Try taking deep breaths?:)  


Wake... I expected more from yo!  I mean, not putting your money up to back up your "apparently" long-held belief in your posts?  Yes, this is "virtual reality."  And I see from your answer here that you don't  believe ANYTHING you post has to be "reality."  Sad.

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Your an ass if you think trump is a good leader or person, hes an absolute pig. Lies and manipulates on a daily basis, decieves the media begs for attention. Is also a sexist and racist jerk. His tan also looks absolutely embarrassing hun. 

by (50,110 points)

hey dumb ass... learn your grammar at least if YOU'RE going to call someone else dumb


How am i dumb exactly? It isnt an english exam..  oh and being called dumb by a trump.supporter lol. Do you know who i am? 

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