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I've been a member of a photography club for several years.  Recently, I went to the club a little early and happened to run into my old crush.  I hadnt seen him for about a year.  I went in to pick up supplies and I feel someone behind me looking at me but I didnt know it was him at the time I just saw him out of the corner of my eye.  I went to one of the back rooms and he showed up there and just looked at me and didnt say anything until I initiated some small talk.  We chatted for a while and then he found something to do in the same room I was in.  He stayed for a while in the same room with me silently and then asked me a couple of questions that he probably knew the answers and then left.  I had the impression that he still has feelings for me.  He didnt need to seek me out or stay in the same vicinity as I he could have just walked on by.  Do you think he still has feelings for me or should I let it go?

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Ah, young love and its accompanying indecisions and insecurities...  I don't miss all that at all.

Well, dear, here's my advice:

1. If you dumped him, it won't matter where he likes you or not.  You dumped him for a reason, and it's likely that he hasn't improved since then. Let him move along.

2. If he dumped YOU, then realize that he has already HAD a chance to keep you as his girl friend, but for some reason, he thought his life would be better without you.  How did you feel then?  How will you feel if you get back with him and then he dumps you again?  Bad? 

Realize that either way, you're running an emotional risk.  It might pay off if he has changed and sees your true worth as a person and as someone who makes HIM better just for his being with you.  If he hasn't seen you in THAT light, then he's not good for you.  

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Thank you! This makes the decision much easier!

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You said he was your old crush, did you mean you liked him or he liked you as it could change the answer.

If it was you crushing on him I'd say maybe you're wishful thinking.

If it's him on you then yeah, he likes you and I bet he was thrown by seeing you again after a year and just got awkward.

Do you have his number?

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Thank you! I do have his number.

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