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Mine was a man called Richie S. Such a nice man! And he had a sense of humor  He knew when to be serious, and knew when we could tease him. He was also an ex Jesuit.  In an all woman office except for men who were bosses, he was the favorite. His father began the company in NYC and it had branches in NJ as well. 

    I remember telling him about the constant crank calls from a silent person my family was getting. I was about 21 at the time and we lived with my aunt. She used to say that she should tell the caller that she was an 80 yr old woman in a wheelchair,  what the hell did he want? He laughed and said he's be laughing all day thinking after that. 

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They've all been pretty awful to be honest. The one did have nice legs though.

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I can't think, they were all different in their own way. My last job the boss when I started was the worst, I went after him cause I wanted the job. He left, I got his job, all good.

I remember posting about it on the old site and got a right hammering for it. Seems folk don't like that sort of thing  

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Why were they hammering you for that?  For getting a job your former boss had? Silly. 

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I think that there are very few good bosses in companies.  Most are just jerks and assholes.  But I think we all deserve one that is reasonable.

I worked for the VP of the integrated  circuit department.  He was smart, funny, knowledgeable, and nice.  But his real claim to fame was that he listened.  When there was some decision in the department that would affect you, he would meet with you and let you give an opinion.  He didn't argue, but seemed to listen.  Even when the decision went against your wishes, you felt ok about it.

I once ask him if it was sincere, or just for show.  He would not say.  I really think he had already made up his mind, but the act was so good that you felt like he was valuing your opinion.

The company got a new boss and they disagreed about a layoff, so he quit.  The new guy fit in the jerk and asshole mould. 

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My best boss was this short, bald guy who resembled Mr Potato Head and always had his office door open and always welcomed me with a smile and always has time. The company laid him off months before he completed 10 years of service. Totally blindsided him. It was so unfortunate. 

My worst boss was also short and bald, but  totally different. He resembled Pinhead from Hellraiser, only spoke is cliches and kept asking inappropriate, intrusive questions. He bragged about having an engineering degree and an MBA even though both were from some obscure university in the middle of nowhere. And he carried a hunting knife in his pocket and always took it out at lunch time to peel fruit or any other excuse to show if off. I couldn’t stand that jackass.

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