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Right.. The last 6 weeks or so since i got dunked in custard, ive noticed alot of guys show a little more interest in me as in being more eager to speak to me. In a modest way ive always been one of the popular chicks and have been one of the pretty girls but in a strange way this has made me even more popular, but my question is simple would custard fight put guys off? Even chicks being seen with me afterwards? 

Basically would it effect would you be Seen with me? 

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I'm not a guy and I'm 40 years older than you. I have a son who is 22, you could be his pal.

I would then think of you as the wild pal of my son..

If you see me jogging, kill whatever is chasing me

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Why do you think i am wild?

Maybe wild is wrong but I can imagine my boy bringing you here covered in custard.


Bloody hell lol. I dunno why guys are talking to me even more after its like its made me more popular, id of thougjt people woudnt be seen dead with me. 


Never under sell yourself. It's your humour that attracts, 


You think ive got good humour? In which way?


You're a riot, ask anyone on here, it's nothing you can put your finger on but it's there.


What do you mean by riot lol althought i like the sound of it. Unno some guy literally messaged me saying "hey your really hot"

My reply "thanks"

Him "your the chick who got dunked in custard arent you"

Crazy shit

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If you can make someone laugh you're in there. Getting dunked in custard is funny at the end of the day. People love humour.

Life is what you make it.

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Id rather i didnt get dunked in custard though, still dont see why its so funny to the degree everybody on here and friends think it is. You see people always say i have got good humour but i never see it or understand why people think this .

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No, you are hilarious. Like I've said before, I really like you. I find you quite charming and quite the character. You seem like a lot of fun to be around. It is good to make people laugh and to be able to laugh at yourself (it is a blessing, not a curse.) You sound like somewhat of a legend in your area, everyone wants in on the "custard." Lol

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Thank you :). For me though i didnt think people would want to be seen dead with me after. But they do, although it gets brought up everyday near enough like my friends and some of family find i hilarious and often reference it. 


It is quite a story.


What do you mean by that?

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I don't know, but maybe they do like the fact you were dunked in custard. Makes you appear a bit spunky if you were in a fight or argument with someone else, maybe guys find that attractive. But you're well-liked here anyway for your humor. 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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Why would they like the fact ive been dunked in custard? Its hardly something to brag about. Dosent make sense to me. Im still NOT over it either


No, you're right. However maybe some young guys like that, like you said in your other question about being feisty. 

    I didnt mean to open up a can of worms. I asked where you were was all, and in fun. I hope you don't think we're teasing you here; at least that wasn't my intention. But I saw your re-explanation. No, you didn't win, but you did instigate. Wellone is right in that you should some confidence when your guy talks to other girls. Unless he is downright flirting with others in front of you, that is. 


What do you mean by instigate 


To begin, usually some trouble or contentious argument. 


She was talking to my guy, she started it.

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