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There are 2 guys after me, one is the one who was flirting with jessica when i got dunked. He is tall, well built and very attractive with thick blonde hair. He is a bit of a girl magnet and enjoys attention off other females, but he seems to be mostly keen on me and we have a good chemistry even if he likes winding me up lol.

The other is this shy small guy like 5ft6 hes kind of a nerd, but hes nice and reliable and would do anything for me. And isnt judgmental he would do anything for me, but he hasnt got the lucks or the charm. 

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I like the small guy, he sounds like a keeper.

If you see me jogging, kill whatever is chasing me

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Why not the better looking guy? Why dont you like him too much?

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I say the attractive kind. Spare the shorter guy. 

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Do you think its wrong of him to mock me? I just feel im out of the shorter guys league


Who are we talking about now?

And yes, the fact that you believe you are out of his league and that you can make him do anything is exactly the reason I said spare him. 


On the other hand i dont like the fact the other one stood there and watched me get humiliated and smirkes about it. 

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Don't trade down.

As long as "well built, attractive, blond hair" is important to you, you will always feel bad about the shorter, nerdy, reliable guy.  You won't be happy, and you will eventually make him unhappy.  He can never get taller, with blond hair, and big shoulders.  

Besides, you like being the hot chick that the chick magnet has attracted.  It makes it look like you won.

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Won what


You won out over all of the other hit chicks to become the one that got mr. Handsome, blond haired chick magnet guy.  There is no social honor with going with the nerd.


I always do win. Im a born winner you see.


Except when facing a bowl of custard.  Lol.  If you insist.  There is no arguing with someone who is always right.


I did win tho i have the guy she wanted.


That is true.  Assuming she wanted him.

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It won't last with the first guy, but you'll have fun for a couple of months. The second guy is the one who won't hurt you or break your heart, but you'll break his because he isn't enough of a challenge for you. So I'd say neither are right for you.

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Fair enough 

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